Tonight: Drum'n'bass show with Science Hki on Basso Radio

Tonight's Basso DNB show is a prerecorded one, as the Basso studio and office looks pretty much like in the picture above, empty. The studio and office are moving to a new location, and since the stuff is moving from A to B, we're unable to do the show live.

Anyway, don't worry, we've compiled this show to you with love. Expect to here some dope techy neuro beats, juke riddims, liquid rollers and other cool stuff. No artist special this time, but there is a classic track, as always.

Tune in tonight at 10 PM Finnish time at or with these frequencies:

Helsinki: 102,4 Mhz
Tampere: 103,1 Mhz
Turku: 101,9 Mhz
Jyväskylä: 99,7 Mhz
Oulu: 105,4 Mhz

Mixes for your weekend

This was a post that was supposed to go online yesterday, but kinda forgot to do that. But it's still weekend, so here's some good mixes we've checked out lately.

Mako - Utopia Music Podcast 003

Utopia Music big boss and a Science Hki favourite Mako delivers the latest episode of Utopia Music podcast. Big beats and even bigger basses, and some teasers of forthcoming Utopia stuff too. Nice.

Seba - Do Androids Dance Mix 073

Seba, who's got a new EP coming out on Monday, did a little mix for Do Androids Dance. A great mix of amen bangers, trippy bass heavy halftime tunes, deep rollers and other nice things.

AdDiSoN GrOoVe - JuKe MiX 2014

Addison Groove's got a new album out now on 50 Weapons, and to celebrate that he made this mix full of juke, footwork and with some jungle too. I have to say i'm not the biggest fan of juke, but this mix is the shit!
"All done in my kitchen on 2 Technics 1210's and Technics Mixer... it aint perfect...but its vibe."

Science Helsinki Podcast #50

Science Hki #50

Episode #50 is a special one for us. Since it's like 50th episode. 50 is a nice number. To get this episode recorded all four of us decided to get together to the studio, have some fun and play some records. Hope you enjoy this episode, and sorry for the enormous delay.

01 d.o.p.e : travelling - rugged vinyl
02 dj buz : warrior charge - no u-turn
03 sabre & cern : far fetched - horizons
04 rantoul : defalt - looking good
05 total science : colony - metalheadz
06 the underwolves : so blue it's black (peshay vs photek remix) - island blue
07 matrix & dj ss : the answer - formation
08 click & cycle : miracle deep - sos communications
09 spring heel jack : eyepa - tugboat
10 bungle : astral travel - soul:r
11 capone : submerge - hard leaders
12 secret weapon : strange dayz - protocol
13 kraft : quartz - frontline
14 fields, hydro, mako & villem : celestine - symmetry
15 pieter k : saturnine - breakbeat science
16 fracture & neptune : continuities - breakin
17 justice : aquisse (sinistarr remix) - modern urban jazz
18 skittles : in for me (need for mirrors remix) - estate
19 hayato : traveller - violation music
20 illformants : pong - subtitles
21 spectrasoul : mimic - subtitles
22 seba : don't you love me anymore - 31
23 asc : dragnet - horo
24 overlook : clouds - 31
25 jonny l : 2 of us - xl recordings
26 kobra : clock engaged - architecture
27 amit : too many freedoms - commercial suicide
28 data : blowpipe - lucky devil
29 laibach : god is god (optical remix) - mute
30 ed rush & nico : mothership - no u-turn

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 10/02/2014

Here's february's Science Helsinki session on Basso Radio with Axu & Trisector in the studio. We did a little special on one of our favourite artists at the moment, Om Unit, and we got a bit carried away and ended up playing 9 different tunes from him.

Next show will be on 10th of March. Watch out.


Nucleus & Paradox - Rocksteady [Esoteric]
Dillinja - Day & Night [Chronic]
Nasty Habits - 4 Da Cause [Reinforced]
Co Lab - Mine [Parallel]
Spectrasoul - Organizer [Critical]
Mindmapper & Fre4knc - Typha [Break-fast audio]
Nymfo - Beep [Commercial Suicide]
Cern - Satellites [Smptm]
Spectrasoul - Supression [Subtitles]
Moresounds - Deux Mille [free mp3]
Gamma - 2012 [Plasma Audio]
Kool A.D. ft. Trackademic - California Music Channel []
Martsman - Static [Hidden Hawaii]
Seba - Mesmerism [Secret Operations]
DJ 2tall - Vacuum [Eclectic Breaks]
DJ 2tall - A Word [Content (L)abel]
Om Unit - An Eternal Way [Civil Music]
LTJ Bukem - Atlantis (Philip D Kick footwork edit)
Remarc - R.I.P. (Philip D Kick footwork jungle edit)
Dream Continuum - Giv A Lil Luv [Planet Mu]
Om Unit - Sleepwalkers [Metalheadz]
Om Unit - Governor's Bay [Civil Music]
Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (Om Unit remix) [31 Music]
Overlook - False [Narratives Music]
Instra:Mental - No Future [NonPlus]
Need For Mirrors - Werc [Commercial Suicide]
Daat - Running Man [dub]
Polar - Sit Down And Dance [Breakbeat Science]
Jason Os - Love And Hate [free mp3]
The Ganja Kru - Gone Are The Days (Hype's Full Vocal Club Mix) [Parousia]

Tonight: Drum'n'bass show with Science Hki on Basso Radio

It's the 2nd monday of the month, and it's time for some Science Hki action on teh radio airwaves again. In tonight's show we're going to have a better listen of music by Jim Coles, who you might know better as Om Unit. We'll also check out some fresh releases from labels like Narratives and Commercial Suicide, and some forthcoming stuff from Seba.

Before us it's time for Groundwire Show at 8PM, with some fresh bass music of various styles and vibes, check it out. The Science boys will be taking over the studio at 10 PM.

Tune in at or with these FM Frequencies:

Helsinki: 102,4 Mhz
Tampere: 103,1 Mhz
Turku: 101,9 Mhz
Jyväskylä: 99,7 Mhz
Oulu: 105,4 Mhz

Mixes for your weekend

It's been a while since we compiled together some great mixes for you to listen, so it's about time to do one again. Here's some new stuff, and something we should've posted a long time ago. Hope you like these mixes, and have a great weekend!

Blocks & Escher - FABRICLIVE x Critical Sound Mix

The big bosses of Narratives are playing in the Critical Sound room at Fabric next month, and in this mix they provide a short sample of their dj'ing styles. The overall vibe is deep and cinematic, with some stripped minimal beats and drumfunk vibes.

They also did an interview for Fabric website, check it out.

Tendai - Aerosoul Artist Soulcast Vol. 2

It’s always nice to see DJ’s that aren’t stuck to only one genre. Something we, the DJ’s of Science Helsinki really appreciate. Tendai has compiled a really nice selection of broken beat classics and more recent releases and put them together as a 2 hour set for Aerosoul.

The set’s got sounds from artists like Jazztronik, Domu, Marc Mac, Dego, Afronaught, Restless Soul and Makoto. That’s a big bag of goodies for people who like this nice musical genre called broken beat!

Check out Tendai’s other things at Mixcloud.

Mark Slavin - Atmospheric Session December 2013

Tallin's Mark Slavin is back in action with the latest one in his Atmospheric Session mixtape series. You simply can't go wrong with this guy. Perfect atmospheric and liquid drum'n'bass vibes for your headphones and speakers during winter. You might want to check out his previous Atmospheric Session from March 2013 as well.

Myyränhengitysklubin erityiskatsaus osa 3 @ Ravintola 931, Tampere 8/2/2014

50% of Science Helsinki are doing a little visit to Tampere as guests of Myyränhengitysklubi. The hosts of the night, Esc and Joe Loud visited our show last year and played a sick guest mix for us live in the studio, so it's definitely time for us to pay a visit back.

The music starts already at 6PM and the name of the game is deep drum'n'bass. The entry is free and beer is reasonably priced. Come say hello.

Myyränhengitysklubin erikoiskatsaus osa 3
Esc & Joe Loud
Axu & Trisector

@ Ravintola 931
Kehräsaari B, Tampere
0 €

Event on Facebook

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 13/01/2014

Alright, here's the first monday dnb show from us. Felt pretty much like the friday show, except that we had to go to work on the next day.

There's a No U Turn special and we got a bit carried away and played 7 tracks in total instead of 3-4 what we usually do. Besides the classic techstep, there's some fresh beats and unreleased bizniz, and some old stuff and of course a science classic.

We'll be back on air on Monday 10th of February.


claro intelecto - second blood [delsin]
1127 - 28 6 4 12 [?]
jekyll - horcurso [diffrent]
loxy & isotone - ancients (skeptical remix) [cylon]
the untouchables, gremlinz & rumbleton - twelve colonies [tribe 12]
hmr - flow [dub]
qbig & zenith b - exiled mind [protect audio dub]
hemoglobin - ketones under control (fearful remix) [authentic music]
alaska - jasheri [arctic music]
paradox - crate logic [samurai red seal]
skeletone - mr lucky [think deep]
seba - piemo for b [paradox music]
psycho mantis - jimmy smith [dub]
sterling sound - back to the real [hocus pocus]
need for mirrors - pantheon [horizons]
inztance - he knows me [dub]
ed rush - bludclot artattack [no u-turn]
dj buz - warrior charge [no u-turn]
nico & fierce - input [nu black]
nico & makai - omen [nu black]
ed rush & nico - sector 3 [no u-turn]
ed rush, nico, trace, fierce & optical - edtrafienical [no u-turn]
hidden face - 20 / 20 vision [nu black]
Escher - slice [future thinkin]
mute & mako - always [utopia music]
nitri - quintana [horizons]
dillinja - tronik funk [test]
source direct - complexities [good looking]

Tonight: Drum'n'bass show with Science Hki on Basso Radio, now every 2nd Monday of the month

So, Drum'n'bass Show moves today to monday night. The time is still the same, 10 PM Finnish time. We're in the studio tonight again, now on every 2nd monday of the month, with some fresh and not so fresh beats, and a little special on a label called No U-Turn.

So tune in tonight at 10 PM Finnish time for some drums and basses. You can do so at or with your FM radio using one of these frequencies if possible:

Helsinki: 102,4 Mhz
Tampere: 103,1 Mhz
Turku: 101,9 Mhz
Jyväskylä: 99,7 Mhz
Oulu: 105,4 Mhz

Case of the Mondays

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 10/01/2014

Yes yes. The first Science Hki Basso DNB sessions of the year 2014, and the last Basso DNB Show airing on Friday. In this session we went through the best tunes of 2013. We also realized that 2 hours was definitely not enough, as so many tunes that really should've been played in the show didn't fit in, so if you're wondering why this or that tune from 2013 isn't featured in this show, that's the reason.

Anyway, have a listen from the player above or download from the link below. We'll be back on air on Monday the 13th of Januray, which is TOMORROW.


01 Mako - A Break From Ritual [Warm Communications]
02 Om Unit - Sleepwalkers [Metalheadz]
03 Chimpo ft. Dub Phizix & Skeptical - Buzzin' [Soul:R]
04 Seba - Identity [Secret Operations]
05 Skeptical - Static [Commercial Suicide]
06 Response - Creep [Ingredients]
07 Stray - Akima [Critical Modulations]
08 Moresounds - Blood [Astrophonica]
09 Digital & Spirit - Phantom Force (Fracture remix) [Phantom Audio]
10 Felix K - Flowers Of Destruction D1 [Hidden Hawaii]
11 Nether - Glacial Dub [Space Cadets]
12 Klute - Gaze Into Your Eyes [Commercial Suicide]
13 DJ Future - Is It Safe? [117]
14 Nebula - A Walk In Space []
15 NickBee - Zoned [Horizons]
16 Abstract Elements - Naprimer [Demand]
17 Naibu feat. Key - Just Like You [Horizons]
18 Hybrid Minds - Starlet [Spearhead]
19 Kasper - Summertime Hustle [Good Looking]
20 Inztance & Definate - Timeless [Through Sounds]
21 Manix - Riprize [Reinforced]
22 Hardrive - Deep Inside (Sideswipe Edit) [Ground Mass Music]
23 Moresounds - Riddim Again [Astrophonica]
24 Addison Groove & Sam Binga - Rzor [50 Weapons]
25 Om Unit & Sam Binga - Gamma [Exit]
26 Psycho Mantis - Mind Control Music [Interactive]
27 Paradox - Dirty City [Paradox Music]
28 Fistfunk - Raindance [Lightless]
29 Mako, Villem & Fields - Whatever, Whatever [Warm Communications]
30 Dom & Roland - Unofficial Jah [Metalheadz]
31 Lynx & Hellrazor ft. Bobby Esmond - Bobby Says (Runnins Theme) [True Playaz]
32 Bungle - Aura [Soul:R]

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