Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki feat. Nuance @ Basso Radio 12/05/2014

Jes jes. Basso drum'n'bass show with Science Hki with a special guest Nuance.

The Science boys Axu & St. Laurent drop some science for the first hour, for example some scientific evidence that old Loefah sounds exactly like old Photek.
At the 60 minute mark Nuance takes over with his heavy selection and tight mixing.

We will be dropping Science on Basso again on the 9th of June. Brap.



Talvin Singh ft. Amar - Jaan [Mango]
Intersperse - Moonscape [Good Looking Records]
Blu Mar Ten - All Over (Sabre Remix) [Exceptional]
Blade & Arp-1 - Lithuanian Beauty [Fokuz Recordings]
Seba + Paradox ft. Robert Manos - Last Goodbye [Paradox Music]
Breakage - Stoneheart [Bassbin]
Digital - Calling [Function]
Outer Heaven - Genjutsu [Proximity]
Alix Perez - U [Exit Records]
Vex'd - 3rd Choice (Loefah Remix) [Planet Mu]
Photek - Book Of Changes [Photek]
Kahn - Dread [Deep Medi Musik]
DJ Pushups - Misanthrop (Fanu Remix) [Lightless]
ZSonic - You Got The Dub [Bandcamp]

Getz - Labrynth [Renegade Hardware]
D Star & Quadrant - Hell Can Wait [Syndrome Audio]
Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Dreamers Of The Dream [Defcom Records]
Hive ft. MC MC - The Definition [Violence Recordings]
Nuance - Mutation [Unreleased]
Amit - Swastika [Commercial Suicide]
Diphasic - Vitriol [Danger Chamber]
Sabre - Mischief Unit [Renegade Hardware]
Silent Witness - Rack 'em Up [Modulate]
Taxman ft. Diane Charlemagne - Rebirth [Playaz Recordings]
Mercedes - Full Tilt (Ulterior Motive Tear Up Mix) [Airwave Hustler]
DRS & Foreign Concept - Falling Stars [Critical Recordings]
Teddy Killerz - Shake [Bad Taste Recordings]
June Miller - Empathy [RAM Records]
Loadstar - Losing You (DnB Mix) [RAM Records]
Fauxe - Thanks Ms Panda (Nuance Remix) [Phyla]

AK1200 & Danny Breaks - Deep Porn (VIP MIx) [Moving Shadow]
Slacknote + DJ Hidden - Where's The Score (Evol Intent Remix) (Evol Intent)
Matrix & Fierce - Climate (Cause 4 Concern remix) [Metro Recordings]

Tonight: Drum'n'bass show with Science Hki on Basso Radio

Hey ya'll, it's that day again! We're gonna be airing on Basso Radio tonight and we're also having a special guest in the studio.

Nuance has been doing the music thing for quite some time. We'll be asking him some stuff about things n' shit. We will also be listening to some music, as usual.

The show starts at 22.00 (GMT +3) and runs for the typical two hours. Tune in for some incredibly bad jokes and other... stuff... at or with these FM Frequencies:

Helsinki: 102,4 Mhz
Tampere: 103,1 Mhz
Turku: 101,9 Mhz
Jyväskylä: 99,7 Mhz
Oulu: 105,4 Mhz

Science Hki Podcast #53 - Trisector

science hki #53 - trisector

01 dominic ridgway : lost in space - tribe12
02 tipper : table flipping - tippermusic
03 quentin hiatus : all we needed - free love digi
04 peace orchestra : who am i - g-stone
05 kryptic minds : burnt to ashes - exit
06 subtone : agonda - dub
07 klute : oshima - commercial suicide
08 asc : streamline - covert operations
09 polar : i don't remember - warm communications

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 14/04/2014

We invaded the new Basso studio finally with a full Science Hki crew. Is a very good. This time we did a little special on Reinforced Records, which starts at about halfway through the show.
And we had some fresh beats from Utopia Music and Warm Comms and some classic stuff from Partisan and Subtitles just to name a few. You can listen from the player above or download from the link below. Well be back in the studio on the 12th of may.


Earl Grey - One Cold Chord (170 bpm VIP) [Free Download]
PBK - Earthbound [Warm Communications]
Dawn Raid - The Truth Hurts [Hocus Pocus]
Switch - If I Don't Know [Tempo]
Klute - Speak No Fish [Commercial Suicide]
Villem & McLeod - Think That I'm Yours [Warm Communications]
Mauoq - Wet Fire [CX Digital]
Lynx - Balloons [Soul:R]
Addison Groove - One Fall [50 weapons]
Nucleus & Paradox - Zenith's Core [Esoteric]
Seba ft. Robert Manos - Exodus [Horizons Music]
Abstract Elements - Buckwheatfunk [Dub]
Mako, DLR & Fields - Old Soul [Utopia Music]
Dom & Roland - Freeze [Dom & Roland Productions]
Loxy & Resound - Paradigms [Metalheadz]
Gremlinz & Ahmad - Nibiru [Paradox Music]
Nucleus & Paradox - No Spaced Place [Reinforced]
J.L.M Productions - No Appreciation [Reinforced]
Sci Clone - El Son [Reinforced]
Immortal Minds - Rhythms Of Your Mind [Reinforced]
Chris Energy - Zalongo [Reinforced]
Alpha Omega - MG's Chamber [Reinforced]
4hero - Terraforming [Reinforced]
Blue Sonix - Double Trouble [New Identity]
Foul Play Productions - Synthetic Bitch [Partisan]
K - Thought Control [Subtitles]
Photek - Ni Ten Ichi Ryu [Science]
Roni Size Reprazent - Hot Stuff [Talkin Loud]

Tonight: Drum'n'bass show with Science Hki on Basso Radio

Yes yes. We're in the studio again with Science Hki crew. The picture above should tell you what tonight's special starting at around 23:00 is all about.

The show starts at 22:00. Tune in at Basso Website or on these FM frequencies:

Helsinki: 102,4 Mhz
Tampere: 103,1 Mhz
Turku: 101,9 Mhz
Jyväskylä: 99,7 Mhz
Oulu: 105,4 Mhz

Science Helsinki Podcast #52 - Joe Loud

Science Hki #52 - Joe Loud

Joe Loud hails from Tampere, and is one of the members of Myyränhengitys and Forms crews providing some high quality drum'n'bass action in his home town. He's known for his flawless mixing and interesting track selection, and he's also won DJ competitions with his skills. Last year he visited our radio show with Esc, and now he's back with a guest mix where he delivers us carefully crafted and versatile mix of deeper drum'n'bass.

01 synth sense : yesterday's future (sam kdc remix) - auxiliary
02 j.robinson & knowledge : untitled - tribe 12
03 asc, escher & blocks : heliocentric - narratives
04 lsb : beep - demand
05 nitri : the map - horizons
06 the xx : shelter (alix perez & khanage remix) - free mp3
07 subwave : reflection - free mp3
08 stray : erase - critical
09 spectrasoul feat. mike knight : melodies - exit
10 j:kenzo : one drop - exit
11 nick modern & wish feat. jackie unknown : you & i - free mp3
12 mindmapper & june miller : vessel - break-fast audio
13 loxy & resound : part human - exit
14 mtwn & act one : motoba - break-fast audio
15 tom small : next war (bredren remix) - free dl
16 clarity : sombre - samurai music
17 seba : identity - secret operations
18 naibu : comfort zone - horizons
19 fracture : tunnel track - warm communications
20 meraki : the gate - dub
21 dakosa : blood moon - diffrent
22 phil tangent : squaring the circle - soul:r
23 dub phizix : the clock ticks - critical
24 naibu : play with fire (nitri remix) - horizons
25 mako : hungry for lies - horizons
26 blu mar ten : made in london - blu mar ten
27 amit feat. rani : you look better dead - exit
28 ivy lab : baby grey - critical

Photo by Jonne Renvall

Science Helsinki Podcast #51 - Introducing a new concept!

As years pass by, people get older and during the process they mature, and so does their taste in music. We at Science labs have decided that it's time to move on and grow up, so we are introducing a new concept for our podcast.

Listen to episode #51 to find out more!

Tonight: Drum'n'bass show with Science Hki on Basso Radio

The bassopotamus is in town!

Tonight we get to test the brand new Basso studio as it is the fifth Monday of the month today. And basically that means an extra Drum & Bass Show. As usual, we will play music and probably say something on the mic as well.

Tune in at 10 PM Finnish time at or with these frequencies:

Helsinki: 102,4 Mhz
Tampere: 103,1 Mhz
Turku: 101,9 Mhz
Jyväskylä: 99,7 Mhz
Oulu: 105,4 Mhz

Mixes for your weekend

Here's a little selection of some nice dj mixes for you to get your weekend started with. Enjoy, and have a great weekend.

Cern - Dispatch Recordings label mix March 2014

New Zealand's Cern, who's residing in London these days, provides us a bad ass mixtape. He's been working on his 2nd artist album, which will be released on Dispatch later this year, and I guess is some kind of teaser of what we're going to be hearing in the future from him. There's some old shit, and then there's some never heard before shit, and mostly the shit is some real dark shit. Check it out.

Adam Elemental - Solid Steel mix

Adam Elemental's shit is not dark, it's deep. This is a mix which he recorded for Ninja Tune's legendary Solid Steel radioshow. One hour of deep beats, for example some forthcoming Alpha Cutauri from Adam himself, but also some surprises like classic Future Sound Of London.

Mirage Man - Dept Mixtape #1

Dept. Music is a Helsinki based music collective specializing in house and techno music. One of the crew's artists, Mirage Man provides us a funky/deep house mixtape, which is a little taster of Dept Showcase night pt 1 which will be held somewhere in Helsinki early April.

Thing - Kmag guest mix

Estonian producer Thing is releasing an ep next week 31 Records, and because of that he did a little interview and a guest mix for Kmag. Check them out here. Deep, dark, tribal vibes as we've come to expect from the man. Thing is also playing in Finland this summer. Watch out.

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 10/03/2014

Here's the latest Science Hki show. As mentioned earlier, this was a prerecorded mix with 3 short mixes from Trisector, Axu & St. Laurent.
We'll be back in the studio on 14th of April.


Mutated Forms - Crowlin [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Mako, DLR, Villem & Ant TC1 - Hungy For Atmosphere [Metalheadz]
Commix - Talk To Frank (Break remix) [Metalheadz]
Trisector & Infader - Debris [Hustle Audio]
Psidream & Pacific - Throwback (Borderline remix) [Nightfall]
Seba - Scince Fiction [Secret Operations]
Mayhem & Logam - Enigma [Full Force]
System - Sound Man [Exit]
Polar - Sudden Depth [Covert Operations]
FD - Stripped [Warm Communications]
Howie Wonder - Reason's Lapse (Cosmic Quest remix) [Shimmy]
Bloomypetal - Rooftop Jumping [bloomypetal bandcamp]
Basic Movements - Bubble & Wine [Suburban Base]
Chump Change - Say The Word [Philthtrax]
Footmerc - Get Down Periscope [Dynamix Records LLC]
Walter Murphy - Sunflower (fistfunk bootleg mix) [Free Tune]
Coleco - Nostalgic Future [Free Tune]
Dub Phizix - 8 Gold Rings [Free Tune]
John B - Jazz Session II (club mix) [New Identity]
Scarlet Lake - Euromancer (KMC remix) [temple music]
Homesick - Pursuit (Mark Kloud mix) [Footwork Jungle]
Untold - Anaconda (Keiska mnml fwk edit) [Free Tune]
Adam F - Circles (Philip D Kick footwork jungle edit) [Free Tune]
Wormfinger - Train Trax [Philthtrax]
Homesick - The Future [Free Tune]
Nasty Habits - 4 Da Cause [Reinforced]
Facs - Cazms [Droppin' Science]
Ivy Lab & Frank Carter III - Missing Persons [Critical Music]
Mutated Forms - Reach You In Your Sleep [Blu Mar Ten Music]
DLR, Villem & Mako - A Certain Flavour [Metalheadz]
Bipolar - Like This [Fokuz Recordings]
Tokyo Prose - Status Anxiety [Samurai Red Seal]
Break - They’re Wrong (Calibre Alternative Remix) [Symmetry Recordings]
Hydro & Instant - Sanctity [Horizons Music]
Squarewave & MC Fats - Special Moment (D Bridge Remix) [U Understand Me Music]
Dexta - The Dogz [Diffrent]
Yagura - Enchanted [dub]
Flytronix - The Rhode Tune [Moving Shadow]

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