Radio: Drum & Bass Show With Science HKI 14/07/2014

Here's the recording of our show on Basso from July 14th. Enjoy!



Nebula - Untitled Jazz [Subtle Audio]
Brad Impact - Trópicos Nuevo [Subtle Audio]
Fade - Love Is... [Faded Music]
Minor Tain - Tripod [Future Funk Music]
Sabre, Stray & Halogenix feat. Frank Carter III - Oblique (VIP Remix) [Free Download]
Phil Tangent - Remembrance [Integral Records]
Data - Sentinel [Blackout Music]
Black Science Labs - Exogenesis [Certificate 18]
Break - The Drone [Symmetry Recordings]
Audio & Future Signal - Furyen [Subtitles]
Black Sun Empire - Arrakis [Black Sun Empire]
Anile - Orthodox [Cylon UK]
Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce - Cutslo (Lokuste Mix) [Prototype Recordings]

Artist Feature: 4hero:
Nuyorican Soul - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (4hero Remix) [Talkin’ Loud]
4hero - Parallel Universe [Reinforced Records]
4hero - Escape That [Talkin’ Loud]
4hero - Another Day [Talkin’ Loud]
Sonar Kollektiv Orchester - Universal Love [Raw Canvas Records]

Ena - Dipteran [Samurai Horo]
Instra:mental - Roque [Darkestral Recordings]
D-Fect - Can U Hear What They Say? [Bustle Beats]
Blocks & Escher - Moods [metalheadz]
Wax Doctor - Logical Progression (Logical Mix) [Face]

Science Hki Podcast #55 - St. Laurent

science hki #55 - st. laurent

01 dot : evidence - eternia music
02 jinadu & nitri : searching - horizons music
03 gremlinz, ahmad & mental forces : shiva - architecture recordings
04 marcus intalex : gripped - exit records
05 digital : figjam - horizons music
06 mako feat. detail : tell me something - metalheadz
07 halogenix : porcupine - critical music
08 hyroglifics : bay city ballers club - critical music
09 cern & j. robinson : tidal - tribe 12
10 om unit : timelines - metalheadz
11 parallel & infest : deep science - reminiscence audio
12 nebula : planets collide - bandcamp
13 dwarde : tena - omni music
14 voyager : hyper sleep - r&s records

Tonight: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki

Hey ya'll! It's Monday and not too much longer until we will be playing some dope records – old and new – on Basso. Tonight our artist feature will be about a magnificent collaboration called 4Hero.

In addition to a handful of 4Hero tunes, we have some fresh tunes from labels like Subtle Audio, Bustle Beats, Dispatch Recs and Future Funk Music.

Make sure to tune in tonight at 10 PM (GMT+3) at the Basso website or tune your FM Radio on one of these frequencies depending on your current location:

Helsinki: 102,4 Mhz
Tampere: 103,1 Mhz
Turku: 101,9 Mhz
Jyväskylä: 99,7 Mhz
Oulu: 105,4 Mhz

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki feat. Luna Chill @ Basso Radio 30/06/2014

Luna Chill was kind enough to visit our show for a little interview and guest mix earlier this week. This time he played a bit more heavier stuff than what he's usually known for.

Make sure you also check out his guest mix for our podcast 2 years back.

We'll be back in the studio on the 14th of July.



Part 1: Sélection par Trisector & St. Laurent

Nucleus & Paradox - The Return Of... [Metalheadz]
Anonymous - BLND#5 [Blind Music]
Southern Shores - Marazul (Daat Remix) [Detuned Transmissions]
ASC - Oracle [Samurai Red Seal]
Stray - Eazy Boy [Exit]
Halogenix - Her Waves [Critical]
Lenzman ft. DRS - Just Can't Take [Metalheadz]
Ed:It & Pennygiles - Set Theory [CIA]
Etherwood - Hold Your Breath (Spectrasoul Remix) [Hospital Records]
Bone - Unspeakable [Authentic Music]
Tycho - Awake (Com Truise Remix) [Ghostly International]
Fracture - Overload [Exit Records]

Le Interview with Luna Chill

Raiden & Khanage - Amnesia Haze [Voodoo]
Psycho Mantis - Mind Control Music [Interactive]

Part 2: Luna Chill in the mix

Hidden Turn - Big Dirty [31 Records]
Seba - Mesmerism [Secret Operations]
Concealed Identity - Ubuntu [Tribe 12]
Hyroglifics - Killamanaman [Critical]
Dabs ft. MC Kwality - Stentah [Horizons]
Fre4knc - Marching Cube VIP [Absys]
Paragon & Gremlinz - Oranda VIP [31 Records]
Digital - Figjam [Horizons]
Loxy & Resound - Renaissance [CX Digital]
Enei - Artefact [Critical]
Mefjus, Bowsar & Maksim - Primal Instinct [Free download]
SCAR - Burnside [Dispatch]
Stealth - Chimera [Critical Music]
Mako & Detail - Tell Me Something [Metalheadz]
Om Unit - Timelines [Metalheadz]

Part 3: Old, new & lé spécial

Seba - Special Ops [Combination]
Mako ft. Throwing Snow - Ju Ken [Metalheadz]
Manix - Intelligent Hoodlum [Reinforced]
Fracture - Loving Touch [Exit Records]
Fanu - Defunct Drums Depression Decade VIP [Offshore Recordings]

Tonight: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki with special guest Luna Chill

Photo by Antti Saarainen

Yes yes. It's the fifth monday of June, which means it's an extra monday and this we're taking over the Basso Radio studio for two hours tonight. Besides the usual suspects St. Laurent and Trisector, a special guest will join the studio in tonights show.

Luna Chill (that dude in that photo) of Drop Zone and Metsäfestival organizing will join us for a little interview and a guest mix. He's a skilled dj, and he also recorded a sick guest mix for our podcast 2 years ago, so make sure you tune in tonight at 10 PM (GMT+3) at the Basso website or tune your FM Radio on one of these frequencies depending on your current location:

Helsinki: 102,4 Mhz
Tampere: 103,1 Mhz
Turku: 101,9 Mhz
Jyväskylä: 99,7 Mhz
Oulu: 105,4 Mhz

Mixes for your weekend

Axu & Trisector accidentally discovered some nice mixtapes from the interwebs. These mixes should get your weekend started. Check them out and enjoy.

Infest - Live @ Shattered - Subtle Audio Vol III Launch Party

Proper music for dark rainy streets and forests! Infest drops a live recorded mix, filled with that certain eerie vibe you really can't pigeonhole into any subgenre. Old, new, dark, rolling and clunking steadily forward, vibes guaranteed.

Law - Beatifully Crafted Volume 6

Volume 6 of Beautifully Crafted mix series is a mix by Law who also hosts a blog called Drumtrip which specializes to old school jungle music from the 90's.

Vol 6 takes you on a trip to the peak era of jungle, best put in the description text: "This mix shows just how popular Jungle music was back in the 90's, as it focuses' on producers within the scene, remixing a wide array of other-genre artists."

FD - Rupture promo mix June 2014

FD delivers a sick promotional mix for Rupture party at Corsica Studios in London, which is actually there tonight! Wish I could go there, but unfortunately I can't, so I'll settle with this mix.
The overall vibe of this mix is dark and deep, but it's a great selection of different styles, ranging from stripped halfbeat beats to juke-flavoured oldskoolish beats and bad ass breakbeat badassery. Only bad thing about this mix is that it's only ~30 minutes long.

Oneman - Live on Rinse FM 10/06/2014

DJ Oneman's show from Tuesday on Rinse FM. 2 hours of old school dubstep (yes, it's been around that long). And some grime too. Bassface after bassface after bassface. Serious business. Some big tunes here. Fucking hell. I mean, this mix starts with Loefah - Mud. Seriously. Check this fucking shit out.

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 09/06/2014

Here's our show from last monday. As promised, we did a special on Klute's music, and once again we got a bit carried away with it playing quite a few tunes from him, but that was a necessary thing just to showcase his versatility as a producer over the years.

Hope you enjoy this show, and make sure you tune in for our next show too which is on 14th of July.


Adam F - Dirty Harry (grooverider remix) [positiva]
Hugh Hardie - Kyoto City [hospital]
Dose - What She Wants [commercial suicide]
Dose - Like This [commercial suicide]
Enei - Woodrunner [critical music]
Alex Seva - Era [deep field audio]
Daat - Fridge [detuned transmissions]
Arkaik & Coma - Heat Seeker [different music]
Quentin Hiatus - Seppuku []
Controlled substance - Smoking Man [warm communications]
Mako, DLR & Fields - Old Soul [utopia music]
Command Strange - Let's Fall In Love [fokuz]
Mistical - Stay Away [soul:r]
Outlook - Hard Living [xtinction agenda]
Breakage - I N I [digital soundbwoy]
Klute - We're All Dying [commercial suicide]
Klute - Stuck On You [commercial suicide]
Klute - F.P.O.P. [certificate 18]
Klute - Secret Love [certificate 18]
The Spectre - De-Pattern [partisan]
Klute - Jamm The Boxx [commercial suicide]
Klute - Blow:Cold [certificate 18]
Klute - Hell Hath No Fury [commercial suicide]
Blocks - Moon & Stars [narratives]
Arkaik, Mauoq & Dexta - One Last Time [diffrent]
Urban Trip - Veda (Quok Remix) [sparking]
Eveson & Halogenix - Grey Dawn [ingredients]
CVD - Jungle Cahandy [bandcamp]
Machinedrum - Seesea (DJ Rashad x Taso remix) [ninja tune]
Pieter K - One Of Them [inperspective]

Tonight: Drum'n'bass show with Science Hki on Basso Radio

It's the 2nd monday of June, which means that it's time for some awesome drum'n'bass action. Our special for tonight is about Tom Withers, aka Klute, who's been a versatile and productive guy in the studio for the last ~20 years, and also runs a great label called Commercial Suicide

In the bag we also have Dose's new album which is out now on Commercial Suicide, and some new and forthcoming stuff from labels like Detuned Transmissions, Ingredients and Utopia Music.

So, tune in tonight at 10 PM (GMT+3) at the Basso website or tune your FM Radio on one of these frequencies depending on your current location:

Helsinki: 102,4 Mhz
Tampere: 103,1 Mhz
Turku: 101,9 Mhz
Jyväskylä: 99,7 Mhz
Oulu: 105,4 Mhz

Science Hki Podcast #54 - Chris Robin

Science Hki #54 - Chris Robin

Chris Robin has been behind the decks since late 90's, and has been an active promoter in his hometown Jyväskylä, being responsible event series like Remedy, Wake-Up! and Dreadmark.
Recently Chris has moved to Tampere and has set up a club night called Forms with fellow junglists Esc (Science Hki #16) and Joe Loud (Science Hki #52).

While Chris's repertoire isn't limited to drum'n'bass, his guest mix for Science Helsinki is 100% deep, dark drum'n'bass.

01 blal : say no - sound artillery
02 marukomu : umbra - protect audio
03 arkaik & axon : alchemy - proximity audio
04 mindmapper & fre4knc : fenryr - translation
05 nc-17 & nusense : dirty - allsorts
06 arpxp : my place - im:ltd
07 reza : unknown feelings - metalheadz
08 mako & mute : rorscach - ingredients
09 ed rush & optical : wormhole - virus
10 amoss : dilate (edit) - horizons
11 skeptical : dream police - ingredients
12 alix perez ft. foreign beggars : move aside - shogun
13 mauoq & dexta : werewolf (homemade weapons remix) - flexout audio
14 taelimb : the wookie song - flexout audio
15 resound : idlers - renegade hardware
16 homemade weapons : the gauntlet amen - samurai
17 mindmapper & freak4nc : theropod - samurai
18 stray : wired - samurai
19 the untouchables : from the ashes - convict
20 mindmapper & flatliners : lemon haze - translation
21 asc : oracle - samurai red seal
22 panic girl : blue lights (dbridge remix) - shadybrain
23 ruffhouse : next phase - critical
24 leftfield : swords - sony

Photo by Jonne Renvall

AJARÄND:PASTPRESENTFUTURE ft. Source Direct @ Ulme, Tallinn, Estonia 23/05/2014

Yes yes. The Science boys, or 3/4 are going for a field trip to Estonia this weekend, make sure you join the fun too. The legendary Source Direct is going to honor Tallinn with his presence on friday and will be playing an strictly vinyl old school drum'n'bass set, as rest of the dj's of the night at Ulme in Tallinn.

Joining the British guest and the local talent will be Axu, St. Laurent and Trisector of the Science crew. It's a funny story actually, we were originally just going to go see the Source Direct gig, but suddenly we were added to the line up.

Needless to say, we are fucking excited about this weekend, and really looking forward to hearing Source Direct in action and also drop our favourite classics. And really looking forward to importing some cheap beer from south too. See you in Tallinn!

Event info (facebook):

ULME (Tulika 9-11)



PARANOID SOCIETY // ALPHACUT 90's jungle/techstep

QBA // TJUUN IN all over 90's oldschool set

GONZA // DRUMANDBASS.EE 90's jungle set

ABSTRACT DETAIL old/contemporary set

CADEA special '94 - '98 jungle/techstep set

Doors open 23:00
Tickets: 5€ until 00.30, after that 7€

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