The amazing first post!


It took a while for us to get things running, but now we're finally here, although things are slightly unfinished here, but we're working on it. Besides apparently the "we're going online when we're completely done with all" approach doesn't really work because we'd find always something to improve.

Anyway, explanations aside. We started talking about doing a website and a podcast sometime around spring 2009. Nothing really happened about that then, but 6 months later things actually happened and we recorded the first episode of the podcast. And started setting up the website. Setting up the website took a bit longer than we thought because of real life interfering with things (christmas time mostly, yay), so eventually we scrapped that episode and recorded a new one two weeks ago.

And anyway, now it's here. And the website is running. And we're going to make it better and try improve it. And we need your feedback on that, too.

Anyway, I'll cut the crap now. Welcome, go check the "about" section about more info on who we are and what we do. And check out the podcast and stuff.

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