Indigo - Planes of Existence

"If you find yourself alone, riding in green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled - for you are in Elysium, and you're already dead."

Murky deep waters ambient from one of my personal favourite DJs in Finland (and probably many others pick him too), Indigo. This one caught my attention because of the two Oöphoi tracks from his album 'Spirals of Time' that got me back into the great depths of ambient after a small break. Celestial soundscapes guaranteed.

Science Helsinki Podcast #2


01 consequence : pseudo echo - exit
02 dissident : oneroid psychosis - subtle audio
03 escher : slice - future thinkin'
04 fanu : ninja chicks - darkestral ice
05 apollo 440 : ain't talkin' bout dub (matrix remix) - vinyl junkie
06 red one : the futurist - liftin' spirits
07 the nomadz : continued over - crunk vinyl
08 circa : zone - dub
09 reactiv : asylum - alphacut
10 psidream, mayhem & infiltrata : avalance - payload
11 naraka : decontamination - vampire dub
12 acid lab : lotus - synchopatic
13 phobia & jubei : guillotine (breakage's joseph ignace remix) - coded
14 dj trax : semi-conversational (fanu remix) - audio buffet
15 ltj bukem : music - good looking

Science @ Bar Loop 18.02.2010

Science 18.02.2010
swimming in the deeper end of the pool

Patient & Hereill [Helsinki Subconscious, Basso]
Vvr, Axu

Bar Loop
Fredrikinkatu 42, Helsinki
20-02 - 0 eur

This month's Science is going to be slightly dubstep flavoured, although drum'n'bass will be the main thing as usual, but as guest dj's we'd like to introduce two people who have estabilished themselves in Helsinki as dubstep dj's.

Autechre - Fact Mix 122

These guys from UK called Rob Brown and Sean Booth made a mix for Fact Magazine, haven't listened to it yet as I'm still downloading it. Last time I heard a mix from them was around the release of the previous album, Quaristice, when they streamed live from their website, and what I heard was some really good hip hop. Then again the streamed lasted 12 hours. I only caught two.

The new album is out due pretty soon too. That should be interesting. I'm a bit of a fan I suppose.

mp3 link (for 3 weeks) -- moar info

Axu's sunday sessions pt. 1

Some mellow minimal tracks, snappy drums and general sunday easy vibe - powered by dark roasted coffee and mild hangover. Yea, it's good.

320kbps, 84 mb, 37 mins.

Finnish Drum'n'bass & Dubstep 2010

I already touched the topic in podcast #1, but now here's more info on that cd. And a teaser video. All in all there are 13 tracks on the compilation with various Finnish dnb and dubstep artists, and there should be something for everyone. There's been talks about getting the cd done for god knows how many years, so it's about time it finally gets done.

I might be a bit biased with this as I have a tune there as well, but I think the the cd is pretty solid and has a good and versatile selection of tracks. My favourite from the cd might be the track from Dubba Jones. The release party is going to be at Redrum in Helsinki where you'll be able to buy the cd as well. Later on you'll be able to buy the cd from L.A.O.S. website as well as from selected record shops in Helsinki, and various digital download stores.

Update: CD Available for purchase now!

Early bird

Great music for mornings when you're up early but you don't have any kind of rush anywhere and you more or less wait for the time to pass. So you just sit down, have some coffee and let the music fill the room and you wake up slowly.

Science Helsinki Podcast #1


Scuba : Symbiosis - Hotflush
Y2D : Autonomy - Nerve Dub
Dom & Optical : Rage Roll - Audio Couture
Commix : Justified - Metalheadz
Joe Syntax : Expectra - Med School Dub
Spineline : Irreverse - Dispatch
Morphy : Warren Dub - Nerve
Calibre : Fire & Water - Soul:r
Dejaru : Under Pressure - L.A.O.S.
Paranoid Society : Crp Thm - Alphacut
Stray : Timbre - Critical
Photek : Ni Ten Ichi Ryu - Science

Science Helsinki podcast image

The amazing first post!


It took a while for us to get things running, but now we're finally here, although things are slightly unfinished here, but we're working on it. Besides apparently the "we're going online when we're completely done with all" approach doesn't really work because we'd find always something to improve.

Anyway, explanations aside. We started talking about doing a website and a podcast sometime around spring 2009. Nothing really happened about that then, but 6 months later things actually happened and we recorded the first episode of the podcast. And started setting up the website. Setting up the website took a bit longer than we thought because of real life interfering with things (christmas time mostly, yay), so eventually we scrapped that episode and recorded a new one two weeks ago.

And anyway, now it's here. And the website is running. And we're going to make it better and try improve it. And we need your feedback on that, too.

Anyway, I'll cut the crap now. Welcome, go check the "about" section about more info on who we are and what we do. And check out the podcast and stuff.

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