Who/what is Science Helsinki?

Photo: Kirmo Ekholm / Basso

Science started as a Helsinki-based drum 'n' bass all-nighter at Bar Loop,
ran now by four guys - (from left to right) VVR, Axu, Trisector & St. Laurent- sharing a common interest on alternative takes how DNB could be displayed to different audiences.
Playing records all the way through from the obscure jungle era to the
new minimal techno influenced sound, the scientists try to reach for an
interesting mixture of atmospherics via drums and basslines.

The Loop era ended after two fun years leaving us planning for the next step and banging our heads to the beats presented in our podcast. And in may 2012 we became one of the hosts for the weekly drum'n'bass show on a Finnish FM radio station Basso.

To summarize the idea, our podcasts and radio shows will consist of ingredients like:

- Fresh dubs from the likeminded fellows in Finland and abroad

- New and free releases from producers too stubborn to admit that pop
music sells better

- Older tunes that sound like they were made either in 2050 or recorded
in a stairway with a casio mic by a big delusional guy on crack

- Some odd non-DNB tunes that might or might not have something to do
with the stuff we play

- Submarine tragedies

- The radio show will sometimes feature some questionable mic action too. Depending on how silly we will feel while doing the show. In the podcast, we let the music do the talking.

How to listen?

Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or if you prefer to use another software to fetch the podcasts, here's the feed. You can also download individual episodes from the podcast archive page.

We will be on air also every 2nd friday of the month on Basso Radio. You can tune in at the Basso website or use a real FM tuner to tune in. The correct frequencies are:
Helsinki: 102,4 Mhz
Tampere: 103,1 Mhz
Turku: 101,9 Mhz
Jyväskylä: 99,7 Mhz
Oulu: 105,4 Mhz

We will also post the archives to our blog, and they are tagged with the basso radio archives-tag, so if you miss our show, don't worry as you can download it from our website and listen to it later.

Do you need to get in touch with us? Drop us a line or two at sciencehki AT gmail DOT com
If you want to send us music, please send a link to our email, or drop it in our Soundcloud dropbox.