Tes La Rok - Drop Dead Mix

Helsinki's very own dubstep ambassador Tes La Rok released a new promo mix. What makes it interesting is the fact that it contains only Finnish dubstep. No wobble or brutal electro presets from Massive. Just deep, dark and cold beats from the man himself and producers like Desto, Clouds, Vesicle, Late and any more. Oh and there's a rather new track from me called "No Control" as well.

Click "read more" to check the full tracklist.

Soundcloud link has already hit the 100 download limit, but the mix is also downloadable at beatplexity


Neveready - Snow White
Tes La Rok - What Is
Teeth - CNT
Mikael - Trails & Traces
Vesicle - We Are Lost
Kfka - Katana
Desto - Glass Clouds
Teeth - Frequences
Vesicle - Wrong Feet
Tes La Rok - Earth
Trisector - No Control
Kfka - Computer
Clouds - This Sound
Rrkk - Street
Khid - Needle
Rrkk - Fixdub
Late - Untitled
Desto - 4am
NonPerson - Still


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