Science Interview: Furi Anga

We thought it's finally a great time to do a new Science interview again, and this time the victim is a Finnish drum'n'bass producer Furi Anga, who recently released an album called Omnipresence on Silk Recordings late February.

Furi Anga, or Antti Viitamäki, is drum'n'bass producer based in Riihimäki, Finland. For the global drum'n'bass scene he might be a relatively fresh name, but in Finland he's released several self-funded cdr-releases. After getting his first "official" release on Phil Source's label Vampire (a collaboration with Resound called Waterpipe), his music has been released by labels like Shadybrain, Translation and Med School.
Some could say his music like a mix of modern "minimal" drum'n'bass and 90's atmospheric drum'n'bass with a touch of idm, but that's just one of describing his style.

If you haven't yet, have a listen to the clips of the album from the player below, and view the full article to check the interview.

Nice to have you finally sit down for an interview with us Antti, how's it going?

It's quite balanced right now. Been thru some serious changes lately in personal life but it's settling nicely. Thanks!

Good to hear that! Your album Omnipresence has been out there for a while now, how's the response been so far?

Response has been only positive which makes me happy of course. I have quite a stable fanbase (old fans who follow constantly mainly). The only thing that worried me about this release was that I wasn't able to spread the word about it or market it because of hectic life and the changes I've experienced. I also had some problems with the distro, and the album came out like 2 months late.

It's your 5th album, but the first one that you've released on a record label. Was there anything different in the album creation process compared to your self-funded projects as there were other people involved now?

Well at least i dont have to burn numberous CD-R's and use scissors to cut the covers. Though, that was fun with the first 300 CD's, not anymore! The creation process didn't change at all though. I've always produced my stuff on a whim with the current emotions involved in that time. Omnipresence is a 4 years cross section of my life period that time.

Were there many tracks that were inteded for the album but were eventually not included?

Rare and good question! Actually there were 2 tracks that were planned to be released on the album but instead got a single release on silk recordings. Until My Fears Reappear / Her Fingers Like Lotus Flowers. I wanted them in the album but Silk decided to put them on a separate release instead. They were written on the same moods as the rest of album tracks though.

How would you describe that mood in one sentence.


You've been doing your thing for some time with different aliases, when and how did you start making music?

It was the good old early 90's and FastTracker 2. I Don't know/remember correctly how it started. It was those bbs places where you took a connection with a 14.4k modem and then found some music folders and .xm files and searched how to play them, and eventually how to make them. Then I found the demoscene around it and then it just has grown. Mainly because of following the "scene".

Who were your favourite scene musicians at that time, and what would be your favourite demo if you would have to pick one right now?

It was Doomsday demo called Vivid Experience that I liked if I remember correctly, and musicians were Muffler (editor's note:yes, that same drum'n'bass producer, Ed.), Substance, Prob. (editor's note: later known as Dice and even later as Tes La Rok), Mystical etc.

How would you describe your sound these days, and how do you think it has changed over the years?

Sure it has changed, from energetic and angry to peaceful, balanced and more placid sound. Mainly because of my personal growth. Ascetic and sedate is what it sounds these days.

Your track titles are sometimes a bit different than the "average dnb track titles", if you can say that. Where do those come from?

Yes, definitely we can say that. It's on purpose, because I want it to mean something, not just one word titles that can contain so much information and questions. The titles were mainly generated at nights when i listened to the album with headphones several times. For example "Down Where The Whispers Scream" was truly made just a few days before my divorce and i knew i was going to be apart from my children. It was this nice evening I watched my son throwing rocks on a small pond and he was happy. He didnt know that father will move away. Inside me I was screaming in pain, and so the title was born.

So there's a lot of emotion and personal edge to your music, how important is music to you in any form?

It's all about emotion and personal edge in my music. It's everything. Music gives me directions (not erections) every day. It controls me and in a good day I control it. It drives me forward. Without it life cannot continue in its form as it is right now.

What albums/artists have been on your playlist recently?

Seba - Identity, Naibu - Fall EP, The Upbeats.
And on other genres: Benea Reach - Possession, Animals as Leaders - Weightless, Flying Lotus - Until The Quiet Comes, Bonobo - The North borders, How to Destroy Angels - Welcome Oblivion.
New trap music also with long walking trips!

What do you do when you don't make music, besides the long walking trips? What's your preferred way of "switching your brains off"? Or is music your way to do it?

Besides long walks (which is an awesome way to listen to new albums), I'm taking back my youth years and bought my first gaming console ever (yes you read right), PS3. I really haven't played anything in 15 years. Now I'm relaxing with it and music. Two of the best methods to switch brains to off mode. Then I enjoy watching movies a lot. And eating too. I'm a culinarist for sure.

What is your preferred studio snack?

I don't have a studio, but my snack would be a Pint of Beer.

Do you have any future plans? Can we expect a new album or perhaps some singles?

Actually I do. Though I was planning to take some rest from producing. Chris / BMT got interested of my sound and we might end up with a single release or something, but I cannot guarantee anything. Also, there has been talks with Translation Rec / Brian about my next album on their fantastic label. (greets: Brian and Steph), but I also were wondering to put up a Bandcamp site!

Sounds good, let's hope these things happen. Anyway, I think it's now time to wrap up the interview with a little game of this or that. Ready?


Alright, here comes:
Drums or bass?


Bass or salmon?


Rosemary or thyme?


Time or money?


Tea or coffee?


Koff or Karhu?


Wings or Hawks?

Wings of course.

Rats that play basketball or horses that do math?

Horses with math.

Minimal or maximal?


I think that's enough now. Thanks for the interview, best of luck to your future endeavors! Any last words of wisdom to our readers?

Thank you for this interview and people, live your life, don't care about money. Don't stress. Care about your loved ones. Be nice to people.

You can buy Furi Anga's album Omnipresence for example from Digital Tunes or Juno Download or listen to it on Spotify.


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