Rogue State - All Translation Recordings Mix for 88 DC

Translation Recordings has always had a special place in my record bag, all the way from their first release, Sounds Of The City by Resound, to Theory's sick amen smasher Dirty Tricks which was one of my favourite tracks from 2010.

Rogue State, the owner of the Washington DC based label has now recorded an all Translation mix for a local music blog 88 DC. The mix is mostly about their recent releases and some forhtcoming tunes, but there's some old releases thrown in as well. It's a mix of different styles in drum'n'bass, and so is the label's back catalogue.

1. Mindmapper – Orbital Orchestra – TRNSLCD001
2. DBR (UK) & Marginal – Floating Tribe – TRNSLCD001
3. Morphy & Flatliners – Evil Dub – forthcoming…
4. DBR (UK) – Troubled Soul – TRNSLDIGI010
5. Theory – Weirdos – TRNSLDIGI007
6. Resound – DSP – TRNSL005
7. Theory – Dirty Tricks – TRNSLDIGI007
8. Slider & Expose – Cosmic Sky – TRNSLDIGI003
9. D.Intelligent – Indigo Haze – TRNSLDIGI005
10. Furi Anga – When Our World Jaded (Seba Remix) – forthcoming…
11. LM1 – Positiva – TRNSLDIGI006
12. Slider & Expose – Hooked (Survival Remix) – forthcoming…
13. Nuage – Hazy Streets – forthcoming…
14. Perpetuum – Imagine – TRNSLDIGI004
15. DBR (UK), Flatliners & Alien Pimp – Narcotech – TRNSLDIGI006
16. ASC – Delta Shift – TRNSL004
17. Theory – Jungle Soul – TRNSLCD001
18. Slider & Expose – There is Hope – TRNSLCD001


And while waiting for the download to finish, check out the next Translation release, "Not Your Fool EP" which has some sick dubby tracks from Theory, Morphy & Flatliners, Mr Foul and The Untouchables.


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