Radio: No Drum'n'bass show with Science Hki on Basso Radio this week (10th of August)

There's a slight change in the Basso Radio's schedule for tomorrow evening. On friday night Basso FM will be broadcasting Kultabassokerho Freestyle Open live from Flow Festival, which means that tomorrow's drum'n'bass show will be canceled.

But no worries, we'll be doing our show on Basso FM next week, on 17th of August. Usually Fanu & Docius would be doing their show on the 3rd friday of the month, but both of the guys are busy with DJ gigs on that night, so we agreed to do their slot. The boys will be on the air on 31st of August.

Anyway, in case you like Finnish hip hop, make sure you tune in to Basso FM tomorrow too. Kultabassokerho Freestyle Open is, well, a freestyle session where the host mc's will rap about subjects that either the audience or people online suggest. Anything from golf to diarrhea to facebook, and other interesting topics. The video below is about their tour around Finland earlier this year.

Anyway, we will do the show next week. In while waiting for that you can always listen to the podcasts, or the previous radio shows!


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