Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 07/13/2012

Yes yes, as we've said many times in our show already, here's the 3rd evar Science Helsinki show on Basso which was aired live last week. We did cut out the ads from this recording, but everything else is there. I think.
Even though we did the show on Friday the 13th, we didn't actually have any significant technical problems, or didn't do any horrible mistakes during the show. Yay. I think we are learning something.

Anyway, about the selection of the show: there's pretty much everything. Some darker more straightforward beats, some idm-flavoured stuff that you're not sure whether it's actually dnb, and then some juke flavoured beats and good ole atmospheric drum'n'bass.

Next show will be on Friday the 10th of August.

Download the mp3 and click "read more" for the full tracklist.


01 Seba - Wonderful World [Warm Communications]
02 Amit - Village Folk [Commercial Suicide]
03 Data - Passive Aggressive (Stray remix) [Inside]
04 Noetic Nodus - 1010e [dub]
05 Katharsys - Walkin Device [Barcode]
06 Amit - Re-Order [Commercial Suicide]
07 Fushara - Forgiven [Dysfunk Music]
08 Lukid - A Smart Girl [Werk]
09 Fracture - Bad Habit (Om Unit VIP) [Astrophonica]
10 Chrissy Murderbot - Break U Off [Planet Mu]
11 Dream Continuum - Set It [Planet Mu]
12 Schematic - Everything's Colour [All Street]
13 Fracture feat. Dawn Day Night - Get Down To The Funky Beat [Exit]
14 Fanu - Perky Percolator Jam [Lightless]
15 Trisector & Infader - Does Not Compute (Amoss remix) [Hustle Audio]
16 Amoss feat. MC Fokus - Shapeshifter [Dispatch]
17 Heavy1 & MC P-Fine - Thought Police [Yabai 84]
18 Hybris - Ender [Dispatch]
19 ASC - Glass Walls [Samurai Red Seal]
20 ASC - Blurred Pictures [Samurai Red Seal]
21 Submorphics - Blullets Over Broadway (Kjell remix) [Prestige]
23 Sci-Clone - Everywhere I Go [Metalheadz]
24 Ken Ishii - Overlap (Lemon D remix) [R&S]
25 Paradox - No Consensus [Paradox Music]
26 Bass'Flo - Poseidon (Double O remix) [SoulRed]
27 Acoustiks - Cozmoz [Offworld]
28 LTJ Bukem - Coolin' Out [Good Looking]


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