Science Classics & Favourites #8 - Big Bud - Emotionography

Now here's a classic. In addition to a plethora of releases on his very own Sound Trax label, Big Bud also has a really nice record of releases on good old labels such as Creative Source, Vibez and especially Good Looking, on which he has released three albums, two magnificent EP's and three singles (plus one on Looking Good).

He's one of those guys whose music (well, the ealier releases at least) would be called "intelligent drum & bass" by many, but you may call it whatever you like. What we're talking about here though, is exactly that kind of atmospheric drum & bass especially Good Looking has been pushing in the late 90's.

Lots of good tunes by Big Bud, but to me 'Emotionography' has always been the #1. The name has it, it's really about emotion. The track builds up with a proper nearly four minute intro, after which a punching bassline kicks in, accompanied by a nice rolling drum break. This whole thing is put together with some trademark synth pad engineering. I have been chilling to this tune countless times. Deep vibes.

On an additional note, a year later, 1999 to be exact, a remix was also included on the Pure EP by the very same artist. It's somewhat more dj friendly as the track starts with a clear drum break instead of slowly starting to build up. The bassline is also remarkably different. For a dj set, the remix would be my weapon of choice. For listening, however, I would pick the original one.


kuuluu vahvasti omiin by rdg (not verified)

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