Science Classics & Favourites #7 - Jonny L - Treading

Jonny L, one of the pioneers that gets too often left unmentioned. His uncanny ability to stay off the limelight year after year amazes me, despite 1) the remix work for The Prodigy, Nasty Habits' 'Shadow Boxing' and numerous other classics, 2) two amazing albums that paved the way from blue note era Metalheadz sound to Prototype techstep and 3) lenghty career with dozens of profilic releases on big labels and his own 'Piranha records'. Luckily his music speaks for itself but hey c'mon, some love for the guy too?

'Treading' came out on XL recordings in his debut album 'Sawtooth', a nice box with five pieces of 10" black wax (I remember VVR paying silly money for a mint copy years back). The tune is a sinister breakbeat workout with recognizable synth lines and brutal bass, but little to no hooks to recall its name. I've tried to hum** and explain the synths at least a million times to different people but the name never pops up.

**(TBH not really sure if its because of my superior humming skills)


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