Science Classics & Favourites #6 - Boymerang - Where It's At?

Boymerang, aka Graham Sutton, really didn't release much drum'n'bass, but he's a great example of quality over quantity. Every single tune from him is just quality. He released his album Balance Of The Force in 1997 and I basicly could have picked any tune off that album, but I decided to pick this track because it is simply the one I've played the most. It's really an album everyone even slightly into jungle and drum'n'bass should check out.

Boymerang disappeared from drum'n'bass almost as quickly as he appeard and Sutton went on to do some recording, production and live mixing for bands, and in 2004 he revived his shoegaze/post-rock project/band Bark Psychosis which had been previously active in the early 90's. Originally Boymerang was born off Bark Psychosis as it started as a collaboration between Sutton and the band's keyboard player, Daniel Gish, but after the first releases Gish left the project and Sutton continued as a solo artist.


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