Axu - Stress Related Symptoms

Time for some dubstep again, rolling up and down between some crunchy steppy beats and more mellow melodic bass meditation tracks. Sunday vibes.

Found some great free dubs thanks to this Step Ahead thread, respect to all the producers giving out free stuff and hard work whether your genres are. Direct links to the tracks can be found in the tracklist:

01 geiom - unnecessary stress [berkane sol]
02 mala - level nine [hyperdub]
03 donkey kong - aquatic ambiance (submerse remix) [free dub]
04 m83 - we own the sky (l-wiz relick) [free dub]
05 skream - memories of 3rd base [digital soundboy]
06 synkro - connected [synkro]
07 sp:mc - trust nobody [tempa]
08 gatekeeper - blip [if symptoms persist]
09 elmo - glitch dub [dub]
10 lisa mitchell - neopolitan dreams (nilow remix) [free dub]
11 skream - rutten [tempa]
12 appleblim & geiom - shreds [berkane sol]
13 headhunter - sex at the prom [tempa]
14 dj madd - someone (breakage unspecified remix) [black box]
15 untold - kingdom [hessle audio]
16 kode9 - 9 samurai [hyperdub]
17 vex'd - 3rd choice [planet mu]

I'm recording mixes on my older PC using Audacity and M-Audio's Audiophile 2096 firewire soundcard, comments would be appreciated if there's something wrong with the audio. This one was normalized and the volume was turned a notch up since my mixers recording output seems to be a bit more quiet than the master signal.

Oh and thanks for Elmo for that banger, check him out at:


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