Axu - Good Looking Good mixtape

I was browsing through my HD and found a GLR tribute mixtape I made 5-10 years ago with a shoddy mixer that had EQ slides instead of knobs and a crackling headphone socket. Good times even though a bit pain in the ass, the process of making this mixtape also taught me a thing or two about fixing broken mixers.

Download here! (open the post for tracklisting)


01 seba & lotek - so long
02 intense - positive notions
03 the chameleon - just close your eyes and listen
04 q project - solar system
05 apollo two - atlantis (i need you) (bukem remix)
06 appaloosa & dj dream - chord data
07 tayla - dimensions
08 tayla - bringing me down
09 blame - overhead projections
10 blu mar ten - futureproof
11 seba - sonic winds
12 paradox - planet3
13 source direct - secret liaison
14 pfm - wash over me
15 artemis - elysian fields
16 ltj bukem - a couple of beats

(soundcloud here: )

I recall that St. Laurent made one too (or maybe two, the guy's a mean lean mixing machine when in the mood) with some 2000-ish GLR bits, if it's still somewhere to be found then we'll probably upload and post it here.


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