Science Classics & Favourites #9 - Higher Sense - Lock Up

OK, besides being just a favourite, this one's also a personal opinion; Jungle at its purest essence, stripped down to just bare essentials. Nothing fancy needed, just a fat warm bassline, properly built rhythm to keep it rolling and some samples thrown in to give it a distinction. Released on Moving Shadow, my favourite label.

What happened to "just plain nice" tunes anyway?

Jungle Visions pt 5 - mixed by Mineral

New mix in the Jungle Visions series, this time from Mineral who just recently also did a guest mix for us. Deep and atmospheric drum'n'bass goodness, and awesome mixing. Definitely a mix worth listening.

Listen to the mix from the player below, or you can also download it. Click "read more" for the full tracklist.

Viidakkorumpu @ Jungletrain.net

We are a go @ 16.30 +2 GMT


Join the fun in IRC chatroom using either your preferred client or the javachat on site:


Current state of Finnish jungle. Nuff sed.

Fanu presents: All Fanu mix volume 7

Fanu mixing some Fanu tracks, moving from lower tempos to higher tempos. Includes tunes from his latest album "Serendipity", and some fresh remixes he's finished recently.

01. DJ Shadow - "Scale It Back" (Fanu's Lightless coffee remix) [dub]
02. Pilvien Päällä [Lightless]
03. Paras Ystävä [Lightless]
04. Rave Like It's... [Lightless]
05. Animation - Spanish Key (Fanu's Lightless remix) [RareNoise]
06. ZZYZZX - Battle Anybody (Fanu remix) [dub]
07. Shatner Rap (feat. Greenleaf) [Lightless]
08. I Can't Sleep [Lightless]
09. Jupiter 2011 (feat. Mineral) [Lightless]
10. Nuku [Lightless]
11. Dawn Joseph - Something Beautiful (Fanu remix) [dub]
12. Beauty [Midnight Sun Recs dub]
13. Ane Brun - Do You Remember (Fanu remix) [Balloon Ranger Recs. dub]

Fanu presents: All-Fanu Mix Volume 7 by Fanu

Science Hki goes jungletrain.net (at least for a couple of monts)

A friend of ours, Docius has been hosting his own show called Viidakkorumpu on jungletrain.net for a couple of years now. Viidakkorumpu could be translated as "Jungle Drum" in english and that should already tell enough about the show's agenda, as Docius tends to drop some gritty street style jungle and 90's drum'n'bass, with some new crispy beats dropped every now and then in his own uncompromising style.

He's now travelling somewhere on the other side of the world, and VVR and Axu (or according to website, Axxx) are going to host the show, with occasional guests, for the next few months. The show airs live from Helsinki every 2nd week, starting today at 2:30 PM GMT. Check from the schedule how that places on your time zone, and make sure you tune in!

Science Classics & Favourites #8 - Big Bud - Emotionography

Now here's a classic. In addition to a plethora of releases on his very own Sound Trax label, Big Bud also has a really nice record of releases on good old labels such as Creative Source, Vibez and especially Good Looking, on which he has released three albums, two magnificent EP's and three singles (plus one on Looking Good).

He's one of those guys whose music (well, the ealier releases at least) would be called "intelligent drum & bass" by many, but you may call it whatever you like. What we're talking about here though, is exactly that kind of atmospheric drum & bass especially Good Looking has been pushing in the late 90's.

Lots of good tunes by Big Bud, but to me 'Emotionography' has always been the #1. The name has it, it's really about emotion. The track builds up with a proper nearly four minute intro, after which a punching bassline kicks in, accompanied by a nice rolling drum break. This whole thing is put together with some trademark synth pad engineering. I have been chilling to this tune countless times. Deep vibes.

On an additional note, a year later, 1999 to be exact, a remix was also included on the Pure EP by the very same artist. It's somewhat more dj friendly as the track starts with a clear drum break instead of slowly starting to build up. The bassline is also remarkably different. For a dj set, the remix would be my weapon of choice. For listening, however, I would pick the original one.

Science Classics & Favourites #7 - Jonny L - Treading

Jonny L, one of the pioneers that gets too often left unmentioned. His uncanny ability to stay off the limelight year after year amazes me, despite 1) the remix work for The Prodigy, Nasty Habits' 'Shadow Boxing' and numerous other classics, 2) two amazing albums that paved the way from blue note era Metalheadz sound to Prototype techstep and 3) lenghty career with dozens of profilic releases on big labels and his own 'Piranha records'. Luckily his music speaks for itself but hey c'mon, some love for the guy too?

'Treading' came out on XL recordings in his debut album 'Sawtooth', a nice box with five pieces of 10" black wax (I remember VVR paying silly money for a mint copy years back). The tune is a sinister breakbeat workout with recognizable synth lines and brutal bass, but little to no hooks to recall its name. I've tried to hum** and explain the synths at least a million times to different people but the name never pops up.

**(TBH not really sure if its because of my superior humming skills)

St. Laurent - Taking It Back To The Old Skool

I found out I've got tons of relatively new releases that I could tag as "jungle" apart from "drum & bass". And so here we are with a 45 minute mix of old skool vibes and some new skool flavas.

Hope you enjoy the mix!

Taking It Back To The Old Skool by St. Laurent

Cover art, St. Laurent - Taking it back to the old school.

Fanu - Breakbeat Liberation Army [Mix]

Well well well, a new mixtape from Fanu. This might come as a surprise but it contains some breaky and chopped jungle and drum'n'bass.

Fanu presents: “Breakbeat Liberation Army” dnb mixtape by Fanu

LXC - Alphacut Mix 2011

100% Alphacut mix by the German label's boss LXC. Awesome.

alphacut mix 2011 by alphacut records

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