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St. Laurent - All Good Looking Mix

Here's my response to this recent post by Axu. It's an all GLR mixtape I recorded back in 2008, making it one of my first mixtapes ever. In fact, I didn't even use the name "St. Laurent" back then, but just "Late". Turned out there was a dubstep artist by the same name so I had to come up with something for mixes I did later on.

Some crappy blends and not so great beatmatching here, but hey, it's all in the name of good music! There are also tracks on this mix I've gotten to forget about a little bit, making it a good reminder for me about some pure gold lurking in my record shelf. Hopefully there are some of those nice refreshments for you as well.

Go check it out at Mixcloud.

Good Looking Records

Axu - Good Looking Good mixtape

I was browsing through my HD and found a GLR tribute mixtape I made 5-10 years ago with a shoddy mixer that had EQ slides instead of knobs and a crackling headphone socket. Good times even though a bit pain in the ass, the process of making this mixtape also taught me a thing or two about fixing broken mixers.

Download here! (open the post for tracklisting)

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