Sipitron - Fnnshmnmlsm

A selection of early Finnish experimental music/sound made between the years 1969 and 1981. Compiled and mixed by Sipitron in 2010.

pekka airaksinen - m60 (dharmakustannus)
usko meriläinen - ku-gu-ku (jasemusiikki)
esa kotilainen - avartuva näkemys (love)
edward vesala - maailman reuna (johanna)
sperm - dodekafoninen talvisota (de stijl)
yhtye - apatian tanssi (love)
erkki kurenniemi - sähkösoittimen ääniä #1 (love)
jukka ruohomäki - mikä aika on (love)
aavikon kone ja moottori - karavaani (bad vugum)
j.o. mallander - in reality (anoema)

sipitron - fnnshmnmlsm by sipitron

Microfunk presents: [ applied minimalism ]

What happens when bunch of producers write tracks using only the 808 kickdrum as the only sample, then those tracks get compiled and mixed together? Something like the "Applied Minimalism" project/mix that was launched by microfunk.ru about two months ago.

Eventually, 70 tracks were written and sent by artists like Subwave, Bop, Nphonix, Oak and many more and now the results are here for us to listen.

Download the 320 kbps mp3 or listen to it from the video above.

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