Finnish Drum'n'bass & Dubstep 2010

I already touched the topic in podcast #1, but now here's more info on that cd. And a teaser video. All in all there are 13 tracks on the compilation with various Finnish dnb and dubstep artists, and there should be something for everyone. There's been talks about getting the cd done for god knows how many years, so it's about time it finally gets done.

I might be a bit biased with this as I have a tune there as well, but I think the the cd is pretty solid and has a good and versatile selection of tracks. My favourite from the cd might be the track from Dubba Jones. The release party is going to be at Redrum in Helsinki where you'll be able to buy the cd as well. Later on you'll be able to buy the cd from L.A.O.S. website as well as from selected record shops in Helsinki, and various digital download stores.

Update: CD Available for purchase now!

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