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Science vs Breathe @ Bar Sandro 28/02/2013

Yes yes. Drum'n'bass comes back to Kallio. And Science comes back to Helsinki, as we are organizing a drum'n'bass related night with our friends Breathe at a bar called Sandro which was just opened recently at Kolmas Linja.

In the facebook event the Breathe guys are advertising the night as a battle, but it's not. I mean, the battle would be pointless to have anyway because we would win brutally. It would be a flawless victory. So easy that we're not even bothering to battle, we'll just play good tunes and high quality drum'n'bass. You know the score.

Anyway, here's the necessary info:
DJ'S: Anne Karoliina, Trisector, St. Laurent, Jesse Mach, Snapo, Axu & VVR.
Time: 21-02
Place: Sandro, Kolmas Linja 17
Free entry (which leaves more money for beer!)


Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 02/08/2013 (Tracklist only)

Yes yes, here's the tracklist for our 2nd show of the year. Unfortunately that is all we've got, as due to technical difficulties with the computer that records all the show, our show was one of those that was not recorded. We're terribly sorry.

Anyway, here's the list of the tracks we played on friday. Catch us again on Basso on the 8th of March.

Facing Jinx feat. Just Some Guy - Lonely [Peer Pressure]
Mutt - Nice As Me [Nu Directions]
Random Movement - Two Dogs Down [Influence]
Fate - The Shuffle [East Side]
Thing - Backup [Dubthing]
Arkaik - Turncoat [Diffrent]
Shiver & Spraykat - Camo [Protect Audio]
Arkaik - Cutting Edge [Diffrent]
Photek - Minotaur [Science]
Escher - Late Snare [Narratives Music]
Paradox - Marxism [Paradox Music]
SPKTRM feat. D-Struct - C [Project 51]
2D33P - Secrets Of The Universe [DSCI4]
Overlook - Existence [DSCI4]
Peanut Planet - Awakenings [Fluid]
Seba - Camouflage [Good Looking]
Seba - Special Ops [Combination]
Seba - Say You Love Me [Secret Operations]
Naibu & Key - Just Like You [Horizons Music]
Future Engineers - Through The Motions (Cutworks Remix) [Transference]
Mikal - Spiritual [Utopia Music]
Mav & Twister - Ghost Rider [Scientific]
Mav - Time & Space [Scientific]
Chris.SU - Airlift [Music 4 Ever]
Ivy Lab feat. Frank Carter III - Afterthought [Critical Music]
Angelzero - Satellite's End [Breakbeat Science]

A Journey To Alpha Cutauri

One of our favourite labels, Alphacut launches a sister label called Alpha Cutauri. If you are a fan of some deep, techno/ambient/idm flavoured drums and basses, you should love this.

Here's a bit of a showcase mix from the label, contains stuff from guys like Felix K, Abstract Elements, Dissident, Paranoid Society, Elemental etc etc etc..

Check the mix and get the wax from hardwax.

Mixes for your weekend

Hello there. I decided to compile a little post about mixes I've been listening to lately. I might make it a habit later. Possibly.

ElHornet - Audio Couture mix

First we have a mix from ElHornet of Pendulum. Now, some people might just want to skip this mix because of the P-word, but don't. ElHornet is a sick dj who knows his music, and this mix is about Moving Shadow's sister label Audio Couture.
This definitely made me want to go shopping for 2nd hand vinyl in discogs.

Pedestrian - Boiler Room mix

I've posted a mix from Pedestrian to this blog once, and you should definitely check it out if you haven't yet.
Anyway. This is his set from Boiler Room last month/year. Some good housey postdubstep bassmusic whateverthefuckyoucallit stuff, and some interesting remixes of classic dnb tunes too.
If you want video of the set too, check the Boiler Room site

DJ Q^Art - Seismic Force

Now here's a hectic drumfunk mix from DJ Q^Art from Ekaterinburg, Russia. The description of the mix is "A turbulent journey through randomized drum patterns and abstract sounds" and it pretty much tells it all. DRUMS.

St. Laurent - This is what I call Jungle

The last mix for this post is from one of the scientists. This mix was recorded almost 4 years ago, and I hadn't even checked this one out before, until someone bumped this thread on our local dnb forum.
As the name suggests, it's a jungle mixtape.

Download / Tracklist

So uhm. That's it for now, here's something for you to listen for a while I suppose. Hope you have a good weekend!

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 01/11/2013

Alright, here's our first show of the year 2013. Some new shit, some old shit and a little feature on Omni Trio as introduced by VVR. I wish we would've had time to play more of his tunes, but then again, 3 is a magic number.

Next month someone else will pick an artist. Who will pick what? We have no idea really. Maybe in a month we will know more. Anyway, here's the mp3 of the show, with a tracklist. Next show will be on the 8th of february.


Roni Size - Daylight [Full Cycle]
Lynx & Hellrazor - Shadowlands [Warm Communications]
Bungle - Astral Travel [Soul:R]
Yagura - Land Of The Dragon [free tune]
D-Fect - I Can't Stop This [Scientific Wax LTD]
Future and Senses - Light Speed [Criminal Records]
dBridge - Inner Disbelief [Exit]
Jason Os - Flatline [Mjazz]
Locustlung - Informant [dub]
Mortem - Converter [IM:ltd]
Mono - La'More [Hustle Audio]
Ivy Lab feat. Frank Carter III - Oblique (VIP) [free tune]
Bungle - Aura [Soul:R]
Justice & Diamond Eye - Straight Up [Mjaz÷]
Omni Trio - Shadowplay [Moving Shadow]
Omni Trio - Radio Sirus [Moving Shadow]
Omni Trio - First Contact [Moving Shadow]
Distance - Regret [Autonomic]
Prodigy - Out Of Space [XL]
Hoax - Temple Ball [Moving Shadow]
Flava Unit - Sit On Da Bass [East Side]
Krust - Blaze Dis One [V Recordings]
Doc vs The Kaleidoscope - Friday [Ignition Musik]
Pascal - Cool Maneuvre [True Playaz]
Sub - Tensions [Subtle Audio]
Seba & Krazy - Consciousness [Secret Operations]

Vvr in the mix

Marcus Intalex - Fabriclive promo mix december 2012

Now here's something to get your weekend and holiday week started; a mix from the Intalexlexlexlexlexlexlexlexlexlexlexlex. He also did a little interview with the Fabriclive blog, check it out.

He's been maybe a bit more busy this year with his house/techno outfit Trevino, which is definitely worth checking out, especially his Tactical Manouvre EP on Martyn's label 3024.

Have to quote one answer from the interview too, which is something I have to agree with:

What keeps you coming back to d&b do you think?
I love it man and I always will. When it’s done right there is no better club music.

You are definitely right about that mr Intalex.


1. Calibre - The Wash
2. Random Movement - Down Somehow
3. Calibre – Paragov
4. St Files & Response - Hardtimes
5. Reza & Gremlinz – Bloom
6. Lynx & Hellrazor ft. Naomi Pryor – Locked On The Low (D&B Remix)
7. Dub Phizix – Raggo
8. DRS - Bun Ya
9. Escher - Late Snare
10. Break – Slipstream
11. Gremlinz - Conversations (Deep Lick)
12. Paradox - No Consensus
13. Skeptical feat Collette Warren - Always Be Mine
14. Marcus Intalex - Qwer Key 2012
15. Lynx – Balloons
16. Bungle - Astral Travel
17. Phil Tangent – Restitution

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 12/14/2012

Yes yes. Here's the recording of last weeks show. As promised, we played some of our favourites from this year. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to play all of the tunes we wanted to play and we also wanted to play some other stuff in the show too, so it's possible that something essential did not get played this time.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the show. We definitely enjoyed doing it. We'll be back on airwaves next year on the 11th of January. Boom.

Download MP3

DJ Roots - Sorrizo De Flor [Innerground]
Secret Weapon - Strange Days [Protocol]
ASC - Phobos [Autonomic]
Glyphic - Isolation [dub]
Total Science - Fracture 2 [Replicant Audio]
Despot & Abstract Elements - Event Horizon [Eternia Never]
Mode - Around The Edges [Crescent]
Stranjah - Prominence [DSCI4]
Break, Fields, Villem & Mako - Dilligence [Utopia Music]
Amit - Manic Minor [Exit]
Beastie Response - Be Quiet [Teal]
Klute - We R The Ones (Ulterior Motive remix) [Commercial Suicide]
Need For Mirrors - Fish Scale [Samurai Red Seal]
Technical Itch - Nemago [Tech Itch digital]
Fistfunk - Tetsuo [Lightless digital]
Blocks & Escher - Sagan [Narratives Music]
Escher - Rugged [Narratives Music]
dBridge - Cornered [Metalheadz]
Spinline - Radioactive [SGN:LTD]
Fracture & Neptune - The Limit VIP [Astrophonica]
Sinistarr - Drama Dub [Alphacut]
Dream Continuum - Set It [Planet Mu]
EAN - Flow (Om Unit remix) [Cosmic Bridge]
Seba - Don't You Love Me Anymore? [31]
Villem & Fields - Discordia [Med School Music]
D'Cruze - Importance Of Drums [True Playaz]
Sidewinder - Killa [Thunder]
Breakage - The 9th Hand [Planet Mu]

Defence w/ Science Helsinki @ Mbar, Helsinki 29/12/2012

The Defence guys, who've been doing their monthly thing at mbar for a long time now were kind enough to invite us to play in their night again. All of us should be there to drop some drum and bass music. So if you've been eating a bit too much and sitting on your ass for the whole holiday week, get up and get your ass to mbar for some bass exercise.
Free entrance, drum, bass and beer. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

The drum'n'bass part starts at 10pm and lasts until 4am. The music starts at 7pm though, as Matic, Quadra and Saint are doing their "influences" kind of sets, which means the beats per minute will be somewhere in between 100 and 140 bpm.

For more info, check the Facebook event or Mbar website.

Mannerheimintie 22-24 (Lasipalatsi)
Helsinki, Finland

V/A - Nostalgic Futurisms LP [MJAZZLP09CD]

Here's a brand new album from MJAZZ, a label that has been around "for a while". As the name suggests, the album is about the golden era of drum'n'bass, but with a modern approach. Some tunes in this album are actually from 90's, but many of the tracks are brand new and written specifically for this LP project, but with mid 90's drum'n'bass in mind.

The album contains tunes from the label boss Justice, and also from guys like Metro, Cuelock, Jason Os, Paranoid Society and many more, and you can check the clips from the soundcloud player below.
The CD album is limited to 50 pieces only, with each CD and sleeve hand sprayed and finished with unique artwork, and the package also contains the arrow stencil used in production of CD and stickers. Get your copy from Surus before it's sold out. And obviously you can get the digital audio files from any good shops.

While listening to the clips, check out Justice's interview with Organic and an album review by everyday junglist.

Nostalgic Futurisms LP Clips - Various Artists ***OUT NOW*** by Modern Urban Jazz

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 11/09/2012 with special guest Defo

Hay guys. Here's the last week drum'n'bass show with our first guest mix and interview. And the said guest was Defo who by the way delivered a seriously sick mix in the show LIVE. Check it out.

We also did a little interview with him, and if you don't speak Finnish, click here for the English translation. Big thanks to Jenni for the help with the translation.

We'll be back on air again next month, on 14th of December.

Download MP3

Babylon Timewarp - Durban Poison [Delirious]
Actraiser - Lost In The Jungle [Loose Squares]
Sinistarr - Western Ting (Gyangsta) [Loose Squares]
Debrúit - Atá! (LV Remix) [Civil]
Ratty - Bouncing [Formation]
Camo UFOs - U Get The Hornz (Air Stegosaurus Remix) [119 Sound]
Ital Tek - Glokk [Planet Mu]
Dawn Day Night - Alcoholic Dance Flow [Astrophonica]
Kfka - Untitled [dub]
Defo interview:

Defo - Trying [dub]
Defo - Culture [Tribe 12 dub]

Code 3 - Living Proof [Critical]
Displaced Paranormals - Infusion [Shadybrain]
Spinline - Life (Clarity remix) [Demand]
Sam KDC - Sepia [Samurai]
Mtwn - Deceptive [Break-Fast Audio]
Detail - I Need You VIP [Free DL]
Homemade Weapons & John Glist - Copperhead VIP [Onset Audio]
Overlook - Glass [Samurai]
Axon - Prey [Cyclone]
Stray - The Pursuit [Warm Communications]
Defo - Lucid [dub]
Clarity - Twisted logic [Horizons]

Björk - Hunter [One Little Indian]
Hidden Agenda - Pressin' On [Metalheadz]
Universal - Groove Therapy [Good Looking Records]
Big Bud - Lifeline [Good Looking Records]
Fanu - Bad Coffee [Lightless Recordings]
Spectrasoul - Emptyness Is Form [Diverse Products]
Quadrant & Iris - Sparse [Avantgarde]
Cause 4 Concern - Jitter Bug [C4C]
Break, Fields, Mako & Villem - Dilligence [Utopia Music]
Adam F - Metropolis [Metalheadz]

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