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Tonight: Drum'n'bass show with Science Hki on Basso Radio

Science Helsinki on Basso Radio, December 13th 2013

The last Science Helsinki show on Basso for the year 2013 is about to air tonight! We're prepared to play some dope beats as usual and we've also got an artist feature coming up. You can make some wild guesses from the picture above.

The show is airing at 22.00 as usual and in case nothing seriously bad happens (read: submarine tragedies, sudden medical conditions etc.) we're pleasing your musical need for two hours.

Tune in for the show tonight at 22.00 Finnish time. You can go to Basso.fi and click the big ass play-button in the middle of the screen, or tune in with these FM Frequencies:

Helsinki: 102,4 Mhz
Tampere: 103,1 Mhz
Turku: 101,9 Mhz
Jyväskylä: 99,7 Mhz
Oulu: 105,4 Mhz

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 29/11/2013 feat. Defence

It happens a few times every year that there's a fifth Friday in a month. From the 4 DnB Show crews we covered this one and invited the guys from a production/promotion posse called Defence to join us in the studio.

Lots of rolling liquid dnb was played as well as some not-so-liquid tunes. Anyway, here's a recording of that, so in case you've already done listening to the newest podcast and missed the show, have a listen.


01 B-Key - Alchemy
02 Nebula - Aquatic Groove
03 Seba - Never Let You Go (Blu Mar Ten Remix)
04 Paul SG - The Last Ceremony (feat. Undersound) (Big Bud Remix)
05 Brother- Distance Between
06 Nookie - See (Furney Remix)
07 SpectraSoul - Hearts
08 Mako - A Break From Ritual
09 DJ Hybrid - Badboy
10 Brian Brainstorm - Badman Clash
11 Chroma - Haunted Dancehall
12 Critical impact - Specialise in Love
13 RoyGreen & Protone - 2 Hours
14 Blu Mar Ten - Motor City
15 dRamatic & dbAudio - Got Feeling
16 London Elektricity - I Don't Understand (CPF Remix)
17 The Insiders - Fantasy
18 Rowpieces - Unknown Intentions
19 Nookie - Rebounded (Jrumhand's Aint Broke Remix)
20 Aquasky - In the Zone (Instrumental 12" Mix)
21 Phil Tangent - Giving Up the Ghost
22 Total Science - Searching
23 Bredren and Tom Small - Sixth Sense
24 Keosz & Fearful - Scars
25 Loxy & Isotone - Ancients (Skeptical remix)
26 Detail - Eight
27 Break - End of Time
28 Hybris, Quadrant, D-Struct and Iris - Graphene
29 Homemade Weapons - The Gauntlet VIP
30 Phil Tangent - Billie's Smile

Mako - A Break From Ritual / What A Little Moonlight Can Do

Mako has had a busy year running his own label, Utopia Music, and in the meanwhile producing one banger after another. Next up is his second release on Warm Communications (see WARM024), A Break From Ritual / What A Little Moonlight Can Do.

A Break From Ritual certainly lives up to its name. If you’re into tunes with heavy drums and a bassline coming out of the mouth of a monster lurking in the forest, this is for you. Kind of reminds me of the early Metalheadz sound, but still manages to bring in new vibes.

The B-side starts with the infamous cowbell drum loop found on an early GLR release. But that’s really all the tracks have in common, as What A Little Moonlight Can Do turns out to be a tune produced in the darker end of the room. It’s got a smooth, yet crunchy rolling bassline, complemented with some well thought of atmo pads. Another thing to notice is the second part of the track, where heavier breaks and a nice synth stab pattern kick in. This is one of those tunes on which you don’t start blending the second track in until in the very end of the track.

WARM027 is out now on vinyl and as digital download.

This weeks new releases: IM:LTD, Samurai Music

Pennygiles & Phil Tangent - Stories Untold / We Don't Talk Anymore [IM:LTD]

Pennygiles and Phil Tangent have a nice little super combo going on here with their newest release on IM:LTD.

The single starts with Pennygiles' 'Stories Untold'. The track starts with some hazy pads and continues with a crunchy bassline. There are no big flips or tricks on it, but it works just as it is. Kind of reminds me of the hypnotic style of Big Bud. If you like the track, also make sure to check out Ebony Queen out on Rubik Records.

The second track is by Phil Tangent and it's also his second release on IM:LTD. 'We Don't Talk Anymore' combines two fairly important things you might find in a dnb track. The tune is a good piece of sound engineering, featuring a really punchy kick drum and a nice floating bassline. This is one of those tracks you can have on repeat for a good while and still keep on rocking.

IMLTD1213 is available as digital download on all good online musical data dealers.

Homemade Weapons - Kintaro EP [Samurai Music]

Here’s an interesting release from Samurai Music. Samurai Music has taken their sound back to the deeper end with this release from the Seattle based Homemade Weapons.

With the five tracks on this EP, Homemade Weapons invite you for a journey through an assassination, a dark alley with someone definitely following you, a battle of swords, to deep nightmares and finally back for some more chasing on the dark alley.

For people madly in love with Japanese art like the style of Hokusai, the release is available as a snow white 12" with an awesome cover art.

NZ024 is out now as a digital download and a 12" vinyl.

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 11/08/2013 feat. Entropy organizing

Yes yes. This time we had some special guests from Entropy organizing to chat have a little chat about their organization and also to drop some of their favourite dnb tracks.

Our special featured artist this time was Dom & Roland, who is the DNB headliner of Entropy's 20 year birthday party which will take place in Helsinki in 22nd and 23rd of November. Find out more about the event at www.e20v.ug



Theory - I Saw You Girl [457 dub]
Digital & Spirit - Original Rockers [Phantom Audio]
Coleco - Focus 10 [Runtime dub]
Chopstick Dubplate - Soundboy Gone [Chopstick Dubplate]
Jazzatron - Starving [Break-Fast Audio]
Squarepusher - Smedleys Medley [Rephlex]
Om Unit - Governer's Bay [Civil Music]
Dominic Petrie TMA1 [Ingredients]
Hidden Element - Fakefunk [Break-Fast Audio]
Furi Anga - The Unquiet Universe (ASC remix) [Silk]
Jonny L - 2 Of Us [XL]
Trace & Nico - Cells [No U-Turn]
ENA - Dipterian [Samurai Horo]
Marcus Intalex - Gripped [Exit]
Klute - Gaze Into Your Eyes [Commercial Suicide]
Dom & Rob - Distorted Dreams [Moving Shadow]
Dead Calm - Identity (Dom & Roland remix) [Moving Shadow]
Known:Unknown - Rollers Edit [Moving Shadow]
Dom & Roland - Imagination [Moving Shadow]
Dom & Roland - Krunksnatcher [Dom & Roland Productions]
London Elektricity - Song In The Key Of Knife [Hospital]
Octane, DLR & Ant TC1 - Jazz Club [Dispatch]
Cause 4 Concern - Peep Show (Audio remix) [Virus]
Marcus Intalex & ST Files - Dreamworld [31 Recordings]
Future Prophecies - Magnetic [Subtitles]

This weeks new releases: Ingredients, Through Sounds, Dispatch

There's plenty of drum'n'bass released every week, and we thought it might be a good time to have a look what's going on. Here are some great releases that were just released on Monday.

Dominic Petrie - Tomorrow Now EP [Ingredients]

The latest release from Ingredients brings us some deep beats from a "newcomer" who goes by the name Dominic Petrie. He has released music previously as Y2D on labels like Lifestyle and Nerve, but Tomorrow Now EP is his first release under his own name.

The EP has six tracks in total, and the reason for that was that the label couldn't decide which tunes to pick for the release, so they picked them all. And it's not exactly a surprise. It's hard to pick a favourite tune out of these 7 tracks.
On one day it's the liquid roller "Riverside Blues", and on the next day it might be the stripped down automonic'ish sounds of "Ephemerol Test" or the growling halfstepper "TMA1".

Tomorrow Now is a good "debut" from the Scottish producer, and we're looking forward to hearing more.

inZtance & Definate - Weightless / Timeless [Through Sounds]

We wrote a little post about Through Sounds around the time of the label's first release. The label boss inZtance has been keeping busy, as it hasn't been that long from the first release, and now the label has already released its fifth single, where the boss teams up with another Estonian, Definate.

And what a release it is. The "a-side" is called "Weightless", which is a nice melancholic liquid roller that has been in my bag for a while now, and it's good to see this tune finally get released. But for me this release is all about the "flipside". Timeless is just fucking badass. Great sample selection of strings, rhodes and whatnot make the tune sound light and airy, but there is a contrast provided by the hard hitting drums and a dirty, growling, twisting and turning bassline. It's a perfect intro tune for your sets, but you really don't want to mix the next tune in before the breakdown and 2nd drop. Definately (ba dum kssh) one of my favourite tunes from the last few months.

And by the way, keep an eye out on Definate. I heard he's got some serious sickness cooking in his home studio.

Various Artists - Transit 2 LP [Dispatch]

Despite having a busy release schedule with his label Dispatch, and while also being involved in running one of the greatest drum'n'bass labels Metalheadz, Ant TC1 has had time to compile a new album showcasing the sounds of his label. Transit Two LP is Transit One compilation album which was released early 2011.

As you might expect, the overall tone of the album is dark and moody. Styles range from the dirty late 90's techstep vibes of DLR & Kyza's "8 bits of 16" to IDM-like approach to drum'n'bass demonstrated by Gamma in his track "Don't Go Away". And there is also a little dubstep special in the middle of the album: "Trojan" by Sleeper.

Transit Two is a great compilation of different kinds of tunes, but despite the variety of styles, all of the tunes have that Dispatch sound. It really shows how the label has found it's distinctive sound without repeating itself over and over again. My favourites from the album at the moment are the dub mix of "8 Bits of 16", and "Raya VIP" by Halogenix, but well, you have a listen of your own and pick your favourite.

All 3 releases are out now, some on vinyl, some only digitally.

Releases of Interest: Gerwin, Frederic Robinson, Daat and more..

There's been some good new tunes released again lately, so we thought it was time to write a little post about some recent good stuff that has been in heavy rotation in the Science Hki loudspeakers and headphones, this time from labels like IM:ltd, Blu Mar Ten Music and Detuned Transmissions

Gerwin - Soul Truth / Lying Portraits remixes [IM:LTD]

It's probably not a big surprise that a French label gladly releases the music of French producers. And this IM:Ltd release is no exception.

The A side of this 12" is a remix of 'Soul Truth' by the Brazilian artist Bungle. This is a true banger. In fact, I almost thought this would have been a remix by Break, but little did I know! Be as it may, this is a really nice remix of a really good track. Basically what Bungle has done here is he's taken a somewhat non-standard dnb tune and turned it into a dancefloor oriented track in a sense that it's a lot more straight forward than the original, which I would say is more of an experimental type of a track. This remix by Bungle still works well on any type of occasions.

On the flip side a remix of a track by Gerwin, Nuage & 2SHY. This Zero T remix of 'Lying Portaits' is again some nice work, since Zero T has taken out most of 2SHY's vocals, which really changes the track quite a bit. Otherwise the overall feel of the track is quite similar, only a bit more direct. The B side is probably still a bit more of a remake while the Bungle remix on the A side I would concider as a remix. I think it would be fair to say that the release's main purpose is to bring these two tunes to the dancefloor audiences. And that's not a bad cause!

IMLTD1212 is out today, October 21st (vinyl & digital).

Frederic Robinson - Mixed Signals LP [Blu Mar Ten Music]

Here's the debut album of a German artist by the name Frederic Robinson. We had an artist feature of him on our last radio show for a good reason.

Frederic Robinson is a master of combining acoustic elements and sound design with drum & bass. His music has a very light touch to it, when in fact the tracks are all of high production quality. Blu Mar Ten isn't the first one to represent Robinson, but I think they have really hit a gold mine by giving him free hands to create a piece of art and release it to the public.

The LP features tracks with a heavy cinematic touch, tracks with contemporary classical music feel and tunes with minimal dnb qualities. The glue holding it all together is a style of using real instruments and actually recording his piano samples himself, putting a lot of time into mic positioning and such matters. Those things that you probably wouldn't spend too much time with when working purely in a computer oriented studio environment.

This time I'm not picking up any tracks in particular. Instead, I urge you to give the album a listen and make up your own mind whether or not it suits you. It does suit me and I'm pretty sure I will have this on heavy rotation.

Daat & Dominic Ridgway - 1999 / Crashes [Detuned Transmissions]

Detuned Transmission is a Canadian electronic music label formed by Jason Os and Joe Mnemonic who together also form a production duo which goes by the name Daat. Its first single was released on clear vinyl last month, but the digital files weren't released until 14h of October.

And what a nice release it is. 1999 is a dark, stripped and technoish little number with a pulsating bassline and post-apocalyptic scifi vibe. Crashes is the more mellow one of the tracks, with synth melodies and pads that remind you of some good old intelligent drum'n'bass.

L 33 & Response

OK folks, name of the game is "looming tracks". These two fairly new releases possess something more than just the elements that combine them, a trait that makes me go "yessssss" everytime it happens. Both are built as steady rollers with a modern touch that strips the excess mess, relying heavily on the bass levels and the eerie atmospherics created by that very same "less is more" attitude.

L 33 - All I want [Avantgarde]

'All I want' by L 33 gives you this metallic sounding, erratic and distinctive bass pattern and big floating subs backing it up heavily. Dry percussions offer the basses even more room to go really into your head, surgical would probably be the right word.

Response - Creep [Ingredients]

'Creep' by Response starts with a stab sound at the first beat and continues the merciless grinding the whole plus six minute lenght. This is one of those tracks that sounds better the longer you play them, gathering some more momentum every bar with its 'phantom audio-esque' bass and really pounding one note subs. Bonus points given on that 'there's no light without darkness'-sample, this one is definitely a keeper.

Words by Axu, St. Laurent & Trisector

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 10/11/2013

Here's the october's Science Hki Drum & Bass show for your listening pleasure.
As promised last week, we had a little listen to Frederic Robinson's debut album, which is out NOW by the way on Blu Mar Ten Music. Is recommended. Check it out.

And then we played some drum'n'bass stuff too. And there's also a rewind. Next show is on the 8th of November.



Hybrid Minds ft. Grimm - Halcyon [Spearhead]
Mav - Skylines (Bungle remix) [Scientific]
Klute - Fool's Love [Commercial Suicide]
Pieter K - Trefusis Point [Breakbeat Science]
Ruffhouse & Clarity - Aphasia [Critical Modulations]
Paradox - Marxism [Paradox Music]
Reza & Gremlinz - Bloom [Samurai]
Overlook - Street Spirit [31 Recordings]
Response - Creep [Ingredients]
Roni Size - Brut Force [Full Cycle]
Om Unit - Sleepwalkers [Metalheadz]
Crypticz - 1992 [FWUK]
Beenie Man - Not On My Team (Homesick remix) [Ground Mass Music]
Sam Binga - 8Barr [Critical]
T-Bone & Dextrous - Top Gun (Mark Kloud remix) [markkloud.bandcamp.com]
Machinedrum - Infinite Us [Ninja Tune]
Frederic Robinson - Mood Swings [Brownswood]
Frederic Robinson & Stray - Bloom [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Frederic Robinson - Particles [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Frederic Robinson - Static Float [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Inztance & Definate - Timeless [Through Sounds]
Phil Tangent - We Don't Talk Anymore [IM:ltd]
Gerwin - Soul Truth (Bungle remix) [IM:ltd]
Machinedrum - Gunshotta (Om Unit's Rollers VIP) [Ninja Tune free mp3]
Heavy1 - For The Satellite (Sinistarr remix) [Rubik]
Break & Xtrah - Always New (ft. DRS) [Symmetry]
Total Science - Just Want You [Shogun Audio]
Nemanoe - Ardent Rain [Subtle Audio]
Nebula - Unique [nebulasciwax.bandcamp.com]
Seba & Alaska - Back From Eternity [Arctic Music]

Tonight: Drum'n'bass show with Science Hki on Basso Radio

Yes yes. It's time for our monthly show on Basso FM again tonight. With the full Science crew in the studio, we have some goodies to drop from labels like Ingredients and Symmetry. Our special featured artist tonight will be Frederic Robinson, a fine young man from Germany whose album "Mixed Signals" will be released soon on Blu Mar Ten Music.

If you didn't get the chance to hear our last show yet, it's still available for listening on our site. Also make sure to check out Mixcloud for the other Friday Night D&B Show recordings.

Now, be a good citizen and tune in for the show tonight at 22-00 Finnish time. You can go to Basso.fi and click the big ass play-button in the middle of the screen, or tune in with these FM Frequencies:

Helsinki: 102,4 Mhz
Tampere: 103,1 Mhz
Turku: 101,9 Mhz
Jyväskylä: 99,7 Mhz
Oulu: 105,4 Mhz

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 09/13/2013

Yes, No, Maybe, Doubtfully, Possibly. Yes.

Here's the show from Friday 13th of September. It appears that superstitious stuff doesn't apply to men of science, since no major tragedies happened during the show. The artist featured on this show was this guy:


Right-click HERE to download the show


01 metalheadz - saint angel [ffrr]
02 rufige kru - angel (teebee remix) [metalheadz]
03 spring heel jack - eyepa [tugboat]
04 genotype - monday madness [samurai music]
05 ruffhouse & clarity - aphasia [critical:modulations]
06 ruffhouse - pellet [alignment]
07 distance - 1 regret [autonomic]
08 clima - tension [dust audio]
09 axon - talko death [proximity]
10 dawn day night - alcoholic dance flow [astrophonica]
11 rebel mc - fever 98 [true playaz]
12 dj tonic - sniper's breath [trouble on vinyl]
13 break & xtrah feat. drs - always new [symmetry]
14 eastcolors - i don't know why (dabs remix) [avantgarde]
15 break - come & get it [soul:r]
16 xtrah - soundclash [critical]
17 goldie - jah the seventh seal [ffrr]
18 dj future - is it safe [117]
19 indidjinous - boomride [omni music]
20 clarity - other sights [samurai horo]
21 code 3 - living proof [exit]
22 nasty habits - liquid fingers (goldie remix) [31]
23 nether - glacial dub [space cadets]
24 breakage - untitled jungle [bassbin]
25 principal - parental guidance [24 karat]
26 axon & hiroglifics - fit girls with average names [proximity]
27 still - immersion [liquid tones]

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