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dust note session 1: jkrl & mozy

Here's a nice set of some uncategorizable beats and pieces. Dust Note Session 1 by jkrl & mozy from Jyväskylä, Finland. Highly recommended.

Hit "Read More" for the tracklist.

Dust note session 1 by Dust Note

St. Laurent - The Mole Deep Within

The story goes. I finally ended up getting a Serato to help me not to move to a bigger apartment to have more storage space for vinyl. I also had some pretty good tunes waiting to be played out on my laptop. So here is my very first somewhat minimal d&b mix. Hope you like it!

St. Laurent presents The Mole Deep Within Mixtape by St. Laurent

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Cover Art St. Laurent The Mole Deep Within Mixtape

Mineral - Atmospheric Drum'n'bass from Finland

Mineral, a finnish drum'n'bass dj, producer and a promoter as part of the Pressure Crew from Tampere, has recently opened his personal webpage to showcase his music and dj mixes. He's also intending to release a free track every week, either from his own vault, or from other producers, he's open for submissions from people and is happy to promote good drum'n'bass music.

The first track, "A Neverending Story" is a good example of breakbeat-driven atmospheric drum'n'bass, with a bunch of switchups and classic jungle breaks.

While waiting for the next track, check his mixes. I had the promo mix of his own material in my mp3 player for months when I first downloaded it. He's also played at Science so he can't be bad ;)

Tes La Rok - Drop Dead Mix

Helsinki's very own dubstep ambassador Tes La Rok released a new promo mix. What makes it interesting is the fact that it contains only Finnish dubstep. No wobble or brutal electro presets from Massive. Just deep, dark and cold beats from the man himself and producers like Desto, Clouds, Vesicle, Late and any more. Oh and there's a rather new track from me called "No Control" as well.

Click "read more" to check the full tracklist.

Soundcloud link has already hit the 100 download limit, but the mix is also downloadable at beatplexity

D&BTV LIVE 117: Med School Music Takeover

The lovely Hospital Records sister label Med School Music took over D&BTV LIVE last night. Here are mp3's of all the sets. No tracklists as of yet.

Joe Syntax

Also watch out for the new Med School ep "More Blood 010", which will be officially out on monday featuring tracks from Synkro, Stray, Circa and Royalston.

Something completely different...

I usually play more breakbeat orientated or even dare I say choppy d&b/jungle, but occasionally buy some other shit too and over the years i had accumulated some neuro/skullstep records that i liked at the time and decided to do a mix out of them.
This mix was actually done in the summer of 2009 while I was on summer holiday and it has been on my hard drive ever since, i listened to it some time ago and still liked it so i decided to share ;)

01 Krone & Scales : abyss eclosion - melting pot
02 Phobia & Jubei : mortal fear - renegade hardware
03 Phace/Bulletproof/Teknik : hypersleep - cyanide
04 Audio : fallout - freak
05 Break : the drone - symmetry
06 Crossfire : icarus - crossfire
07 Masheen & Sleeper cell : physical reality - contaminated
08 Proktah : congestation - trust in music
09 Axiom : soulscavenger - renegade hardware
10 Audio : premonition - tech freak
11 Evol Intent : horns & halos - barcode
12 Arkon : rapture - hardline

As is the norm by me, no digital files were used recording this mix, keep it real play vinyl ;)

Pedestrian - Dance Music For Home Listening (YSK Podcast 4)

Today I discovered a very nice mix Pedestrian. I have to admit that he's a completely new name to me, but he's got a Commix remix coming out on the Re:call To Mind remix album and he's getting some support from Gilles Peterson as well. Not bad.

The mix itself is a nice compilation of techno/house/dubstep and other nice things, the name of the mix kind of tells you already what to expect. Perfect music for the autumn that's already arrived here in Finland. This one's going to stay in my mp3 player for a while i think.

With the mix, he also did a small interview for You'll Soon Know. Check it out.

'Dance Music for Home Listening' by Pedestrian

Esc Presents - Jungle Visions pt. 4 (mixtape)

A friend of ours from, Esc, who's also involved running the Pressure and Cut! nights in Tampere, recorded a very nice drum'n'bass mixtape to celebrate his summer holiday. Deep drum'n'bass with tracks from artists like Stray, Loxy & Resound, Oak, Sabre and many more. Check the full tracklist behind "Read More".

Microfunk presents: [ applied minimalism ]

What happens when bunch of producers write tracks using only the 808 kickdrum as the only sample, then those tracks get compiled and mixed together? Something like the "Applied Minimalism" project/mix that was launched by about two months ago.

Eventually, 70 tracks were written and sent by artists like Subwave, Bop, Nphonix, Oak and many more and now the results are here for us to listen.

Download the 320 kbps mp3 or listen to it from the video above.

Fanu interview for Knowledge and All Fanu Mix pt. 6

Helsinki's very own breakbeat-lumberjack Fanu did did a little mix and an interview for Knowledge. The mix contains only his own production, some downtempo, some dnb and some of the remixes there are literally fresh from the studio.

Check the interview and download the mix.

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