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Rogue State - All Translation Recordings Mix for 88 DC

Translation Recordings has always had a special place in my record bag, all the way from their first release, Sounds Of The City by Resound, to Theory's sick amen smasher Dirty Tricks which was one of my favourite tracks from 2010.

Rogue State, the owner of the Washington DC based label has now recorded an all Translation mix for a local music blog 88 DC. The mix is mostly about their recent releases and some forhtcoming tunes, but there's some old releases thrown in as well. It's a mix of different styles in drum'n'bass, and so is the label's back catalogue.

1. Mindmapper – Orbital Orchestra – TRNSLCD001
2. DBR (UK) & Marginal – Floating Tribe – TRNSLCD001
3. Morphy & Flatliners – Evil Dub – forthcoming…
4. DBR (UK) – Troubled Soul – TRNSLDIGI010
5. Theory – Weirdos – TRNSLDIGI007
6. Resound – DSP – TRNSL005
7. Theory – Dirty Tricks – TRNSLDIGI007
8. Slider & Expose – Cosmic Sky – TRNSLDIGI003
9. D.Intelligent – Indigo Haze – TRNSLDIGI005
10. Furi Anga – When Our World Jaded (Seba Remix) – forthcoming…
11. LM1 – Positiva – TRNSLDIGI006
12. Slider & Expose – Hooked (Survival Remix) – forthcoming…
13. Nuage – Hazy Streets – forthcoming…
14. Perpetuum – Imagine – TRNSLDIGI004
15. DBR (UK), Flatliners & Alien Pimp – Narcotech – TRNSLDIGI006
16. ASC – Delta Shift – TRNSL004
17. Theory – Jungle Soul – TRNSLCD001
18. Slider & Expose – There is Hope – TRNSLCD001


And while waiting for the download to finish, check out the next Translation release, "Not Your Fool EP" which has some sick dubby tracks from Theory, Morphy & Flatliners, Mr Foul and The Untouchables.

Ulterior Motive - D&B TV Live #144

Ulterior Motive visited D&B TV Live broadcast last week. Pure techy funky goodness, as always. No tracklist for the mix for now unfortunately.

Ulterior Motive - DNB TV Live # 144 by ESP International

Sipitron - Fnnshmnmlsm

A selection of early Finnish experimental music/sound made between the years 1969 and 1981. Compiled and mixed by Sipitron in 2010.

pekka airaksinen - m60 (dharmakustannus)
usko meriläinen - ku-gu-ku (jasemusiikki)
esa kotilainen - avartuva näkemys (love)
edward vesala - maailman reuna (johanna)
sperm - dodekafoninen talvisota (de stijl)
yhtye - apatian tanssi (love)
erkki kurenniemi - sähkösoittimen ääniä #1 (love)
jukka ruohomäki - mikä aika on (love)
aavikon kone ja moottori - karavaani (bad vugum)
j.o. mallander - in reality (anoema)

sipitron - fnnshmnmlsm by sipitron

Renegade Hardware History Sessions: Optical and Loxy & Ink

The legendary Renegade Hardware organized a "History Session" party last year, and now they've uploaded two heavy sets from that party by Loxy & Ink and Optical. According to the flyer Trace also did a No U-Turn set, which is something I would definitely like to hear, but I'm happy with these two sets too.

St. Laurent - Return to EARTH Mixtape

This is a mixtape I did back in 2008. In fact, it was a long project that I had wanted to do for a long time. In the 90's LTJ Bukem's Good Looking Records released a series of compilations called EARTH. Actually it was a sublabel of GLR, EARTH, under which the compilations were released.

st. laurent return to earth mixtape

ASC - mnml ssg mix

ASC recently made a mix for mnml ssg blog which covers mostly techno, ambient and other really nice things. With that in mind, his mix isn't exactly an average drum'n'bass mix. The guys asked him to do a mix that is both ambient, like his Deep Space mixes, and drum'n'bass, and the mix is exactly that.

ASC - mnml ssg mix

No tracklist as of yet, but it will be most likely posted here once it is available. This one is definitely going to stay in my mp3 player for a long time.

Update: The tracklist has arrived

01 - 36 – Cocoon [3Six]
02 - Sam KDC - Symbol #4.4 [forthcoming/Auxiliary]
03 - Bvdub - No More Reasons Not To Fall [Glacial Movements]
04 - Sandwell District - Readymade 7" (Side A) [Sandwell District]
05 - Relapxych.0 - City Nightlights (Beat Reduced) [Ghost Sounds]
06 - ASC - Throughout The Years [Unreleased]
07 - They Live - Cancel Standard [Exit]
08 - Dan HabarNam - Ant Society [forthcoming/Santorin]
09 - ASC – Torque [Unreleased]
10 - SKV18 – Withdrawal [Unreleased]
11 - Abstract Elements - Basic Substance [Kos.Mos]
12 - ASC – Ubik [Unreleased]
13 - Sam KDC - Symbol #4.3 [forthcoming/Auxiliary]
>> - ASC - Untitled Loop
14 - Synkro – Dwelling [Unreleased]
15 - Crystal Fighters - Follow (Consequence Remix) [forthcoming/Zirkulo]
16 - Consequence - Rolling Supreme [forthcoming/Darkestral]
17 - ASC - No Secrets [forthcoming/Auxiliary]

Trisector - Scribbler Drum'n'bass Podcast Mix

It's been a while since I've recorded a studio mix, but here's a new one finally. DJ Scribbler asked me to make a mix for his podcast, so here's what I got on tape. Or well, hard drive these days i suppose.

It's obviously more energetic than the mixes I've done for our podcast and actually it's got plenty of tunes that i've been playing on my gigs recently as well alongside some brand new material from myself.

Hope you enjoy the mix. You can download the damn thing from Scribbler's website or the Soundcloud player below. And you can click "read more" for the full tracklist.

Scribbler: TRISECTOR [Med School] by Scribbler

Fracture & Neptune on BBC Radio One

Time for another Astrophonica-related post, this time Fracture & Neptune visited BBC Radio One dnb show and had a little chat with Fabio about their music and label. and also did an exclusive mix for the show. Disgusting basslines and sick beats ahead. Watch out.
Check the interview + mix on their soundcloud or listen to the whole show on the bbc iplayer.

Fracture & Neptune exclusive mix and interview on BBC Radio 1 by Fracture And Neptune

Fanu - Leave This World Behind

Well well well, a new drum & bass mix from Fanu, and looks like it contains a lot of fresh tunes, also something from his new label he's setting up; Lightless Digital.

01 - Blueprint - Lost Notes (forthcoming on Plush Recordings)
02 - Mineral - Other Life (In Da Jungle)
03 - K Dan - Heal Us All - Naibu remix (forthcoming on Hustle Audio)
04 - Greenleaf - Take You Back (dub)
05 - Sub - Skadi - Nebula Blue Note remix (Subtle Audio)
06 - Paranoid Society - White Lies (Alphacut)
07 - Below - The Post-Junglist Syndrome part 2 (dub)
08 - Dejaru - Black Mask (Alphacut)
09 - Ibunshi & Indidjinous - Swamp Funk - Equinox remix (Pinecone Moonshine)
10 - DJ Trace - Final Chapta - Tim Reaper remix (DSCI4)
11 - Sub - So Finster Die Nacht - Fracture's Astrophonica remix
(Pinecone Moonshine)
12 - Fracture & Neptune - The Limit (Astrophonica)
13 - Dak - Coffee (forthcoming on Lightless Digital)
14 - Jiva - Paramatma - Fanu remix (Pinecone Moonshine)

Download MP3

Fracture & Neptune - Fabric Blog Mix & Interview

Dubs, dubs, dubs, some yadayadayada before the tracklist and some nice older picks from the techstep era DNB from the Astrophonica crew, check it while its fresh!

Get it Here.

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