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Axu's sunday sessions pt. 3

Starts with darker techno bits and moves forward to dubstep, even to some really wobbly ones (they're good though, trust me) and some drummy tunes too.

Why? For the glory of sunday of course!

192 kbps, 66 mt, 48 mins.


Jungle Visions pt 5 - mixed by Mineral

New mix in the Jungle Visions series, this time from Mineral who just recently also did a guest mix for us. Deep and atmospheric drum'n'bass goodness, and awesome mixing. Definitely a mix worth listening.

Listen to the mix from the player below, or you can also download it. Click "read more" for the full tracklist.

Tea & Techno Podcast #17: Northern Structures

Something I could file under "lately I've been listening to..", and I thought i would like to share this mix with you too.

Danish techno duo Northern Structures provided a mix and an interview for Tea And Techno blog/podcast. Some of you might recognize one half of the duo, Troels B-Knudsen, with his former dj/producer name Pyro. He has a rather wide discography, and he also used to run a label called Nerve Recordings with Paul Reset. As an artist/dj he was known for making and supporting the techno dnb sound, so it's not really a big surprise that he's dropped the dnb part and gone techno both solo, and in this case with his friend Lasse Buhl.

The mix provided by the guys is techno that sounds like techno. No minimal clicks and bleeps, but cold (northern?), rough and almost industrial sounds but thank god nothing like schranz. The overall vibe is very much similar to their production, and possibly there are some fo their tracks in the mix as well. There is no tracklist, so I really have no idea, and I really don't know anything about techno, except the fact that I love it.

Anyway, this kind of techno is definitely my cup of tea (ba dum kssh). And make sure you check the interview too, it's worth reading.

Download MP3

Dak - dnb mixtape

A brand new mix from Dak who was was interviewed in our blog earlier this year. Back then he was already saying he's planning to record a mix, and now he finally did that.

The man himself describes the mix as follows:
"A one hour drum&bass mix, complete with an Alesis 3630 on the master and recorded on to a c-cassette with properly unhealthy levels. You can't get more 90's than this!"


q project - capricorn 15
jonny l - s4
justice - mauve flow (matrix remix)
trace & nico - cells
phantom audio - remote control
a-sides - on the streets
ed rush & optical - medicine
renegade - dark soldier
dillinja - silver blade
hype - only one life to give
decoder - uxb
loxy & isotone - ancients
photek - minotaur
krust - the last day
danny breaks - the bear
ganja kru - dense
lion of judah feat. jah cure - jah set it (lion of judah remix)
suv - invaders
ken ishii - overlap (lemon d remix)

dnb mixtape by dak_

El Hornet - 90s and 00's punk rock mixtape

I think the title tells it all. A sick mix from El Hornet of Pendulum containing some stuff from awesome bands like Fugazi, Refused, Millencolin, Beastie Boys, The Donnas, Dropkick Murphys and many many others.

El Hornet - 90s and 00's punk rock mixtape by elhornet

Fanu - Cold Coffee DnB Mix

Fanu is doing some real pushing as his album release closes. Here's a mix full of dope dnb tunes from various artists.

FANU - Cold Coffee dnb mix by Fanu

01. Parallel & PshyKo-Logik - Critical Sound (dub)
02. Blu Mar Ten - Sweet Little Supernova (Blu Mar Ten)
03. Joakuim - Never Been To NYC (Totaal Rez Recs)
04. Fracture & Neptune - Music Ya'll (forthcoming on Astrophonica)
05. Fanu - I Can't Sleep (Lightless)
06. Fanu & Mineral - Jupiter 2011 (Lightless)
07. Outrage - Darkest Fear (Backlash Music)
08. Cartridge - Beat Crazy (free download)
09. Fistfunk - Rebellion (Lightless dub)
10. Trisector & Infader - Does Not Compute [Amoss Remix] (Hustle Audio Dub)
11. Naibu - Use Of Weapons [Fracture & Neptune's Astrophonica remix] (Warm Comms.)
12. Fada - Tone Def (Omni Music)
13. Fanu - Nuku (Lightless)
14. Fanu feat. Dawn Joseph - Something Beautiful (unreleased)
15. Infest - Blue Nature (Omni Music)
16. Fanu - The Circle Of Sycamore Trees (Warm Comms.)

Fanu - Cold Coffee Mix Artwork

Fanu - Breakbeat Liberation Army [Mix]

Well well well, a new mixtape from Fanu. This might come as a surprise but it contains some breaky and chopped jungle and drum'n'bass.

Fanu presents: “Breakbeat Liberation Army” dnb mixtape by Fanu

LXC - Alphacut Mix 2011

100% Alphacut mix by the German label's boss LXC. Awesome.

alphacut mix 2011 by alphacut records

Dark Clouds - Cloud #1 by Ira Tigra

Some techy, glitchy, idm flavoured breakbeat mixed together by Vladivostok based DJ Ira Tigra. It's also the first episode of the Dark Clouds Cloudcast.

"Dark Clouds is a cloudcast of different styles of electronic music from ambient and dark idm to glitchy breakbeat sound. Our purpose is to support forward-thinking musicians from a classic to innovative new artists all around the world."

The mix contains tracks from some of my favourite producers like Tipper, Bil Bless (in this mix as The Disciple Grin), and Si Begg shows that breaks can still be more than just cheesy bootlegs and "bangers".

Furi Anga August 2011 Promo mix (Mixed by Wispy)

Deep drum'n'bass from the Finnish atmospheric dnb maestro Furi Anga mixed together by DJ Wispy.

1. Down Where The Whispers Scream
2. Her Fingers Like Lotus Flowers
3. The Unquiet Universe
4. Underwater Maze
5. Creonize
6. Restless Flames
7. Poisonflowers
8. Blind Reality
9. The Night Falls (As We Part)
10. When Our World Jaded (Seba Remix)


Check out the previous Furi Anga mixes by Wispy here and here.

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