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Marcus Intalex - Fabriclive promo mix december 2012

Now here's something to get your weekend and holiday week started; a mix from the Intalexlexlexlexlexlexlexlexlexlexlexlex. He also did a little interview with the Fabriclive blog, check it out.

He's been maybe a bit more busy this year with his house/techno outfit Trevino, which is definitely worth checking out, especially his Tactical Manouvre EP on Martyn's label 3024.

Have to quote one answer from the interview too, which is something I have to agree with:

What keeps you coming back to d&b do you think?
I love it man and I always will. When it’s done right there is no better club music.

You are definitely right about that mr Intalex.


1. Calibre - The Wash
2. Random Movement - Down Somehow
3. Calibre – Paragov
4. St Files & Response - Hardtimes
5. Reza & Gremlinz – Bloom
6. Lynx & Hellrazor ft. Naomi Pryor – Locked On The Low (D&B Remix)
7. Dub Phizix – Raggo
8. DRS - Bun Ya
9. Escher - Late Snare
10. Break – Slipstream
11. Gremlinz - Conversations (Deep Lick)
12. Paradox - No Consensus
13. Skeptical feat Collette Warren - Always Be Mine
14. Marcus Intalex - Qwer Key 2012
15. Lynx – Balloons
16. Bungle - Astral Travel
17. Phil Tangent – Restitution

Karl O'Connor - Post Crucifiction

One of my favourite producers of dark and brooding techno, Karl O'Connor, (or maybe more familiar to electronic music crowd as Regis) dropped a mixtape consisting of DNB tracks with strong dark ambience. The tunes in the mix are almost in full lenght, a proper reminder that you don't have to triple drop everything to create buckets of awesomeness.

Karl O'Connor - Post Crucifiction - Contort #4 7pm Sunday Evening Berlin by Contort // Berlin

Trisector - Guest mix for Kemet FM Drum'n'bass show

Hi. Here's a "new" mixtape from me, which I actually made couple of weeks ago already, but maybe the tunes are not too old yet. Soul Intent asked me to do a mixtape for his and Joe Nebula's weekly show on Kemet FM in Nottingham, so I did. I also did an interview with them, but this is just the mix.

The mix was aired couple of weeks ago, but the archive of the show is not online yet, but I'll post you the link to it once it is online. Here's the guest mix anyway, with the tracklist.

Ben Kama - Black Box [dub]
Decade - Pseudomotion [dub]
Data - The Sprawl (Linden & Blocks remix) [horizons]
Trisector & Infader - Rapid Eye Movement [dub]
Trisector - Lifeforms VIP [med school]
Villem, Mako & Fields - Ascent [med school]
Ulterior Motive & FD - Drum Circle [subtitles]
Optiv - Strangeways [red light]
Konflict - Celestial [renegade hardware]
Halogenix - Laika [dispatch]
Dejaru - Outsider [dub]
Survival & Break - Stano [dispatch]
Trisector & Infader - Debris [hustle audio]
Lowcut - Therapist (Trisector remix) [alphacut dub]
Fistfunk - Persona [lightless]

Guest mix for Kemet FM Drum'n'bass show by trisector

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 11/09/2012 with special guest Defo

Hay guys. Here's the last week drum'n'bass show with our first guest mix and interview. And the said guest was Defo who by the way delivered a seriously sick mix in the show LIVE. Check it out.

We also did a little interview with him, and if you don't speak Finnish, click here for the English translation. Big thanks to Jenni for the help with the translation.

We'll be back on air again next month, on 14th of December.

Download MP3

Babylon Timewarp - Durban Poison [Delirious]
Actraiser - Lost In The Jungle [Loose Squares]
Sinistarr - Western Ting (Gyangsta) [Loose Squares]
Debrúit - Atá! (LV Remix) [Civil]
Ratty - Bouncing [Formation]
Camo UFOs - U Get The Hornz (Air Stegosaurus Remix) [119 Sound]
Ital Tek - Glokk [Planet Mu]
Dawn Day Night - Alcoholic Dance Flow [Astrophonica]
Kfka - Untitled [dub]
Defo interview:

Defo - Trying [dub]
Defo - Culture [Tribe 12 dub]

Code 3 - Living Proof [Critical]
Displaced Paranormals - Infusion [Shadybrain]
Spinline - Life (Clarity remix) [Demand]
Sam KDC - Sepia [Samurai]
Mtwn - Deceptive [Break-Fast Audio]
Detail - I Need You VIP [Free DL]
Homemade Weapons & John Glist - Copperhead VIP [Onset Audio]
Overlook - Glass [Samurai]
Axon - Prey [Cyclone]
Stray - The Pursuit [Warm Communications]
Defo - Lucid [dub]
Clarity - Twisted logic [Horizons]

Björk - Hunter [One Little Indian]
Hidden Agenda - Pressin' On [Metalheadz]
Universal - Groove Therapy [Good Looking Records]
Big Bud - Lifeline [Good Looking Records]
Fanu - Bad Coffee [Lightless Recordings]
Spectrasoul - Emptyness Is Form [Diverse Products]
Quadrant & Iris - Sparse [Avantgarde]
Cause 4 Concern - Jitter Bug [C4C]
Break, Fields, Mako & Villem - Dilligence [Utopia Music]
Adam F - Metropolis [Metalheadz]

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Docius & Trisector @ Basso Radio 10/26/2012

Last weeks friday me and Docius were on hosting duties on Basso Radio's Drum'n'bass show covering for the months 4th friday's regular hosts, Muffler & Burma, who were unable to do the show due to other commitments.
Here's the recording of the show. 2 hours of dark and techy drum & bass, mostly old but also some new stuff. Make sure you play it loud.

Download the mp3


Concept 2 - No Mistake [Ram Records]
K - Evil Twin [Subtitles]
FD - Stripped [Warm Communications]
Noisia - Conscience [Subtitles]
Cause 4 Concern - Nightgasp [Idioma]
Impulse & Submerged - Dirty Bomb (Skynet remix) [Ohm Resistance]
Eleven 8 - Subterranean Wastelands [Flexout Audio]
inZtance - Pressure Point [dub]
Sabre, Stray & Halogenix - St. Clair [Critical]
DJ TeeBee - Endgame [Audio Couture]
Facs - Capture [XXX]
Skeptic - Hardstepper [Diagram]
G Squad - Brave New World [Mix N Blen]
Usual Suspects feat. DJ Friction - Lunacy [Renegade Hardware]
Bad Company - Spraycan [DSCI4]
Arkane - Neuro [Zero G]
Felony - Momentum [Ruffneck]
Glyphic & Rory McPike - Transmission [dub]
Fields, Hydro, Mako & Villem - Dissolve [Symmetry]
Boymerang - Still [Prototype]
Eastcolors - Watch Out [Symmetry]
Loxy & Matt-U - Baptism [Xtinction Agenda]
DJ Hype - Only One Life To Live [True Playaz]
L Double & Shy FX - The Shit ('99 Sketchy remix) [Flex]
Decoder - BS9 [Tech Itch]
Trisector & Infader - Rapid Eye Movement [dub]
Soul Intent - Stone Cold Killa [Samurai]
Amex & Kaiza - Shrinz (Quadrant remix) [Tilt]
Kemal - Gene Sequence [Negative]
Dphie - Evolve [Critical]
Bulletproof - Not Human [Perspective]
Kemal - Let It Move You [Industry]
The Sect - Oxidize [Venom Inc]
Tetradin - AMgod [Obscene]
Ed Rush & Optical feat. Ryme Tyme - Resurrection [Virus]
Sinthetix - Gateway [Ohm Resistance]
Data - Passive Aggressive (Stray remix) [Inside]

Blu Mar Ten Music podcast - Chapter #1

Now, here's a brand new podcast series from Blu Mar Ten. In chapter one (and most likely in later chapters too) they are going to play some tunes forthcoming on their label Blu Mar Ten Music, stuff that they like and has influenced them.

"Just a word of warning, if you are looking for a kind of normal drum'n'bass podcast, this is probably not the one for you"

Stray - Follow You Around
Future Sound of London - The Empty Land
Chymera - Umbrella
Fink - See It All
Planet Boelex - Suunta
KGB Lawyer - Don't Run Away
Cliff Martinez - Mitrial Valve Prolapse
School of Seven Bells - Reappear
The Cure - Like Cockatoos
Tangerine Dream - Love on a Real Train
Tournesol - Holy Cow
Marc Moulin - Humpty Dumpty
Kings of Convenience - Gold in the Air of Summer
Photek - Rings Around Saturn
John Coltrane - Like Someone in Love
Jon Hopkins - The Wider Sun
Imogen Heap - Just for Now
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Hysteric

Get the podcast on iTunes or from the Soundcloud player below.

Blu Mar Ten Music Podcast - Chapter 1 by Blu Mar Ten

Jungle Visions pt 7 - mixed by Mineral

A brand new episode of the Jungle Visions, this time from Mineral. Contains mostly stuff from late 90's and some new stuff thrown in too. And some new stuff from the man himself too.

Download the mix or listen from the player below.

01. J Majik – Subway [Infrared]
02. Randall, Andy C – Sound Control (rmx) [Ram]
03. The Underwolves – The Crossing Part 2 [Creative Wax]
04. Future Forces Inc. – Flash Gordon [Renegade Hardware]
05. Lemon D – Change (DJ Krust Remix) [V Recordings]
06. Future Forces Inc., Kane – Morpheus [Renegade Hardware]
07. Mineral – Three Decks [Dub]
08. Genotype – Capacity [Renegade Hardware]
09. Mineral – Spider [In Da Jungle]
10. Ed Rush & Optical – Splinter [Virus]
11. Genotype – Square Waves [Renegade Hardware]
12. Dillinja – Unexplored Terrain [V Recordings]
13. A Sides – Assasin [Eastside]
14. Future Forces Inc. – Cold Fusion [Renegade Hardware]
15. Klute – We R The Ones (Ulterior Motive Remix) [Commercial Suicide]
16. Loxy & Resound – Thin Ice [Exit]
17. Genotype – Toxic [Renegade Hardware]
18. Future Forces Inc. – Symetrix [Renegade Hardware]
19. Mineral vs Taajuus – Four Years Later (VIP) [Dub]
20. Ed Rush, Optical – Mystery Machine [Virus]
21. Fanu – Nuku [Lightless]
22. Mineral – Living The Dream (Esc & Subsense remix) [Dub]

Hustle Audio podcast #10: Trisector

I recently made a mixtape for Hustle Audio podcast to promote the release of a four track EP by me and Infader which will be released on the same label on 23rd of July. The mix itself is quite different from the ones I've been making for our podcast, as I wanted to make a bit darker, heavier and more energetic mix. There are some fresh bits I've been feeling lately and some old favourites of mine. And some tunes from myself as well. File under: Techstep / Neurofunk.

Listen to the mix and the clips of the ep from the players below, and click read more to check the full tracklist. Check out the previous podcast episodes on Hustle Audio's podomatic site or iTunes.

I will be also playing in Tampere next week on 27th of July at a Hustle Audio label night @ BistroClub10. You can expect me to play stuff like this, and some other stuff too. Check the event on Facebook for more information

Hustle Audio Podcast #10 Trisector by Hustle Audio

HUSDEP011 // Trisector & Infader // Wired EP // Forthcoming 23/07 by Hustle Audio

Hustle Audio podcast #9: Defo

The latest Hustle Audio podcast comes from an up and coming producer from Helsinki, Defo. He's also got a ridiculously heavy debut ep, 'Stealth' coming out next week (11th of june) on the label, and this mix was released to celebrate that.
Besides Hustle Audio, Defo's got some tunes signed to Instinct Audio and Midnight Sun Recordings, and he is also a sick dj.

Download the mix. For full tracklist, click read more.

HUDEP010 // Defo - Stealth EP // Hustle Audio // Release 11th June by Hustle Audio

Jungle Visions pt 6 - mixed by Esc

Here's a brand spanking new mixtape by Esc, who also did a great guest mix for our podcast a year back. This times here's responsible for the latest episode of the Jungle Visions mixtape series ran by Mineral. Deep and atmospheric drum'n'bass plus some more energetic tracks thrown in. And tight mixing.

Listen to the mix from the player below, or you can also download it. For tracklist, click "read more".

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