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Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 10/12/2012

Yes yes. This months Science Helsinki show on Basso. Some drum'n'bass with a bit of non-drum'n'bass thrown in. And the classic track in the end. Ending the show with a classic might become a habit for us from now on.

Next show will be on 9h of November.

Download the mp3


01 Unquote & Molecular Structures - Lubov Moya (Blu Mar Ten Remix) [Med School]
02 Foreign Concept & Riya - Affliction [Critical Music]
03 Reso - Aegis [free mp3]
04 Edward Oberon - La Vacca [Sound Trax]
05 SPY & Mosus - Mercurian Tears [Product]
06 Sub:Stance - Concider [Extent ]
07 Naibu - Doubts (Spinline Remix) [Inside]
08 Cannibal Ox - Painkillers [Def Jux]
09 The Dream Team - The VIP [Joker]
10 Pawn - Blacklight [119 Sound]
11 Paddington Breaks - The Doledrums [iLL]
12 The Spectre - Breakers [Partisan]
13 Q-Project - Strategy [C.I.A.]
14 Enei - Z Grab VIP [Med School]
15 Jonny L - Raise [Piranha]
16 XLII - Thro Yo! [Civil]
17 Spectrasoul - How Strange [SGN:LTD]
18 Nebula - Destiny [Scientific Wax Retro]
19 Cern & Sabre - Far Fetched [Horizons]
20 Goldie - Kemistry [Metalheadz]
21 Ed Rush & Optical - Medicine (Matrix remix) [Virus]
22 Survival & Break - Stano [Dispatch]
23 Ulterior Motive & Krakota - Minesweeper [Subtitles]
24 Martsman - Kotz []
25 Air Stegosaurus - In The Trunk [119 Sound]
26 Breakbeat Era - Control Freak [XL Recordings]
27 J&J - 100 Tons Of Bass [Strictly Underground]
28 Photek - Smoke Rings [Science]
29 Randall - ID4 [Mac II]
30 Matrix - Convoy [Prototype]

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 09/14/2012

Here's the recording of last week's radio show. Some new deeper stuff, liquid rollers with a bit of dirty techstep with some skulls and zombies thrown in, and ending the show with a classic track.
Next show will be 12th of October.

Download the mp3

Octane & DLR - Weird Science [Dispatch]
Villem, Fields & Mute - Ascent [Med School]
Daat - Orange Line (Deep Blue remix) [Offshore]
Furney & Paul SG - 1955 [Jazzstics]
Pennygiles - Attack Of The Jazzy Goth [LDNB]
Cybass- It's A New Life For Me [Rubik]
Sub - Instantaneous [Alphacut dub]
Indigo - Symbol 7a2 [Auxiliary]
Dissident - Oneroid Psychosis [Subtle Audio]
Matrix & Dilemma - Spring Box (Dub Mix) [Genetic Stress]
Illformants - Godspot [Subtitles]
Villem & Fields - Discordia [Med School]
Fathom Audio - Ridges [Diffrent]
Sinistarr - Drama Dub [Alphacut dub]
Martsman - Rags []
Psycho Mantis - Rabbitz [CX Digital dub]
Hidden Face - Terminally Ill [Nu Black]
Cern - Raven Row [Horizons]
Ed Rush & Nico - Proton [No U-Turn]
Laibach - God Is God (Optical vocal mix) [Mute]
DJ Hidden - Corrupt [Subversion]
Dub One - Volcon [Xtinction Agenda]
Theory - Final Confrontation [Translation]
Enei - One Chance (Emperor remix) [Critical]
Silent Witness - Magnetize [Dispatch]
DRS - Renegade ft. S.P.Y. & Kemo [Soul:R]
Seba - Valley Of The Moomins [Good Looking Records]

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 08/17/2012

Trisector with some christian propaganda (and axu's fine ass)

Yes yes. Here's finally the last drum'n'bass show by us. Sorry for the little delay with uploading the archives, but better late than never. Next show will be on the 14th of September.

Download the mp3.


flatliners - kangaroo dub (morphy remix) [aphacut]
defo - trying [dub]
mineral - three decks [dub]
abstract elements - apathetic vibe [alphacut]
om unit - ulysses (reso remix) [civil music]
martsman - reclaim your resonance []
fistfunk - etherophone [dub]
herbie hancock - the essence (future 2 future album mix) [transparent]
ricky force - flow vip [36 hrz]
dub-one - no more games [scientific wax]
dj clart & dave owen - no diggity [addiction digital]
will miles - turn this way [creative source]
fracture & neptune - the limit [astrophonica]
j majik - your sound (remix) [metalheadz]
d-power - beef [d-power]
rudebwoy monty - warp 9 mr sulu [frontline]
x-project - jungle flow [congo natty]
knowledge & wisdom - ring the alarm [knowledge & wisdom]
the dream team - watch out [joker]
gang related & mask - oh my gosh! (dj ss remix) [dope dragon]
dj red - mad p.l.o. (uptown mix) [trouble on vinyl]
blackstar - his imperial majesty (jungle revolution mix) [congo natty]
murderbot - my streets [dead ponies]
dillinja - mutha fu**a (firefox relick) [philly blunt]
smokey joe - insects [smokers inc]
dragon fist - follow the leader [kartoons]
swift - behold [suburban base]
decoder - relapse [tech itch]
smokey jow - bang pow [smokers inc]
dj zinc - super sharp shooter [ganja]

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 07/13/2012

Yes yes, as we've said many times in our show already, here's the 3rd evar Science Helsinki show on Basso which was aired live last week. We did cut out the ads from this recording, but everything else is there. I think.
Even though we did the show on Friday the 13th, we didn't actually have any significant technical problems, or didn't do any horrible mistakes during the show. Yay. I think we are learning something.

Anyway, about the selection of the show: there's pretty much everything. Some darker more straightforward beats, some idm-flavoured stuff that you're not sure whether it's actually dnb, and then some juke flavoured beats and good ole atmospheric drum'n'bass.

Next show will be on Friday the 10th of August.

Download the mp3 and click "read more" for the full tracklist.

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 06/08/2012

Here's the last week's show. Some liquid tings in the beginning, and in the end. Dillinja records stayed in the record bag this time. Better luck next time. Also one thing to remember next time is to check that the mic you are speaking to is actually on. Hope you don't mind.

Next show will be on friday the 13th of july.

Download the mp3
For tracklist, click "read more"

Radio: Drum'n'bass Show with Science Hki @ Basso Radio 05/11/2012

As promised, here's the recording of our first show on Basso Radio. We were a bit nervous at first, which you can maybe hear. Hopefully we'll be more relaxed when doing the next show, which will be 8th of June, 10-12 PM CET+1.

Make sure you tune in to Basso on friday for the Drum'n'bass Show, this week hosted by Fanu, as we're going to do a little guest appearance there with some interview stuff and b2b2b2 mixing.

Actually, make sure you tune in to Basso Radio every friday night for the Drum'n'bass show with different hosts each week.

Download the mp3.
For tracklist, click "read more"

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