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Fresh Releases: Coleco, Diffrent Music & Voyager

Coleco - Focus 10 EP [Runtime]

Runtime Records started as a dubstep label back in the day, and the label boss Elemental is actually one of my favourite artists in the genre. Recently Elemental has added Adam to his artist name, and has released music at 170 bpm on labels like Auxiliary and Samurai, and obviously on his own label too. Now the latest Runtime release is out, and it hits you at 160 beats per minute with two original tracks by Coleco, and remixes by Om Unit and the label boss himself.

The title track is a strange hybrid of deep "arabic" vibes and trap-like beats. I personally can't stand "eastern" sounds or trap music, but this tune is so rude that it simply works. Om Unit's remix of Focus 10 takes a bit more deeper approach. The tune builds nicely and my favourite spot is the breakdown around halfway through when the synth chords kick in for a bit. Awesome.

On the flipside, there's a track called Ambivalence, a hectic synth chord mayhem with footwork'ish beats (but without the 808). In the remix Adam Elemental replaces the beats with his signature sound chopped and twisted breakbeats. 160 is the new 140.

Focus 10 EP is out now on Vinyl and digital download. You can buy it from the labels Bandcamp page

V/A - Evolution Of Giraffe [Diffrent]

Label showcasing compilations have always caused a range of mixed feelings, from the late 90s monstrous 8 x LP boxed releases with the weirdest quickly thrown-together tunes to absolute classics that both shaped the future of dnb and offered the consumer more bang for ones buck. Today the 90s are long gone, physical releases are getting more and more exclusive and at the same time the amount digital releases keeps growing to the point you couldn't listen to them all even if it was your day job.

So in the current state of things, what does Diffrent Music?

They release a nifty eight track compilation, offer a quality sampler on vinyl, put some love into the CD release with two bonus tracks (ones that rock btw) and most importantly, follow the sound that they've built up their 20 release catalogue on.

The whole compilation is filled with all kinds of diffrent (pun!) headnodders, from the standard roller rhythm nods to really twisted neck tweakers. I love the amount of attention given to the rhythm section broadness, you really can't browse through thinking "but they all have the same pattern". The soundscapes are mostly techy with a couple warmer and more experimental sounding tunes, collectively quite stripped down percussions and enough room for the massive sub section.

Recommended as a whole package, I won't pick faves this time since I'm probably using a lot of them in diffrent (pun!) situations. The label is solid and doing their work with love, if the sounds feel like your cup then you have some following up to do.

(Oh and check the FB and their site for freebies!)

Evolution Of Giraffe is out now as a CD and digital download.

Voyager - FAQ [Tempo Records]

Voyager is one of those artists who have been doing music for as long as I remember. And now he's back with a quality release on Tempo Records.

The first track, "FAQ" features some frequently asked questions (no pun intended), accompanied with the kind of atmospheric soundscapes, rolling drums and intense basslines you might expect from the master of those things. This track really takes you back to the good old nineties!

The release then continues with "LuvBLoved", which goes to the same category with FAQ. It does go even deeper though with some heavy choppage. If I had to pick one of these to play for a full dance floor, this would be the one.

As a little extra, there's also a mellow downtempo/ambient track to end the single. "Big Picture" is a lovely piece of music and something I'd like to end or start my day with.

More of this please!

FAQ is out now as a digital download and on clear 12" vinyl later this month.

Words by Trisector, Axu & St. Laurent

Mixes for your weekend

Hello there. I decided to compile a little post about mixes I've been listening to lately. I might make it a habit later. Possibly.

ElHornet - Audio Couture mix

First we have a mix from ElHornet of Pendulum. Now, some people might just want to skip this mix because of the P-word, but don't. ElHornet is a sick dj who knows his music, and this mix is about Moving Shadow's sister label Audio Couture.
This definitely made me want to go shopping for 2nd hand vinyl in discogs.

Pedestrian - Boiler Room mix

I've posted a mix from Pedestrian to this blog once, and you should definitely check it out if you haven't yet.
Anyway. This is his set from Boiler Room last month/year. Some good housey postdubstep bassmusic whateverthefuckyoucallit stuff, and some interesting remixes of classic dnb tunes too.
If you want video of the set too, check the Boiler Room site

DJ Q^Art - Seismic Force

Now here's a hectic drumfunk mix from DJ Q^Art from Ekaterinburg, Russia. The description of the mix is "A turbulent journey through randomized drum patterns and abstract sounds" and it pretty much tells it all. DRUMS.

St. Laurent - This is what I call Jungle

The last mix for this post is from one of the scientists. This mix was recorded almost 4 years ago, and I hadn't even checked this one out before, until someone bumped this thread on our local dnb forum.
As the name suggests, it's a jungle mixtape.

Download / Tracklist

So uhm. That's it for now, here's something for you to listen for a while I suppose. Hope you have a good weekend!

Axu - Bass Tales (Dubstep)

Hi folks,

I accidentally some dubstep & bass music, enjoy.


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