August 2011

LXC - Alphacut Mix 2011

100% Alphacut mix by the German label's boss LXC. Awesome.

alphacut mix 2011 by alphacut records

Dark Clouds - Cloud #1 by Ira Tigra

Some techy, glitchy, idm flavoured breakbeat mixed together by Vladivostok based DJ Ira Tigra. It's also the first episode of the Dark Clouds Cloudcast.

"Dark Clouds is a cloudcast of different styles of electronic music from ambient and dark idm to glitchy breakbeat sound. Our purpose is to support forward-thinking musicians from a classic to innovative new artists all around the world."

The mix contains tracks from some of my favourite producers like Tipper, Bil Bless (in this mix as The Disciple Grin), and Si Begg shows that breaks can still be more than just cheesy bootlegs and "bangers".

Science Helsinki Podcast #23 - Trisector

science hki #23 - trisector

01 dissident : phantom orchestra - camino blue
02 london elektricity : song in the key of knife - hospital
03 hidden paranoid society : arbitrary choice - syncopathic
04 polar : almost and beyond - warm communications
05 scale : secret sun - alphacut
06 angelzero : distress - thermal
07 seba : special ops - secret operations
08 peshay : the nocturnal (back on the firm) - metalheadz
09 mineral : the focus - indajungle free mp3
10 paranoid society : here have the galaxy - dub
11 mineral : spider (naraka remix) - indajungle
12 noisia & joe seven : ease forward - invisible
13 dBridge : creatures of habit - exit
14 furi anga : underwater maze - dub
15 tn1 : buried - dub
16 rockwell : underpass - critical

Science Classics & Favourites #6 - Boymerang - Where It's At?

Boymerang, aka Graham Sutton, really didn't release much drum'n'bass, but he's a great example of quality over quantity. Every single tune from him is just quality. He released his album Balance Of The Force in 1997 and I basicly could have picked any tune off that album, but I decided to pick this track because it is simply the one I've played the most. It's really an album everyone even slightly into jungle and drum'n'bass should check out.

Boymerang disappeared from drum'n'bass almost as quickly as he appeard and Sutton went on to do some recording, production and live mixing for bands, and in 2004 he revived his shoegaze/post-rock project/band Bark Psychosis which had been previously active in the early 90's. Originally Boymerang was born off Bark Psychosis as it started as a collaboration between Sutton and the band's keyboard player, Daniel Gish, but after the first releases Gish left the project and Sutton continued as a solo artist.

Mineral - The Focus [Free Tune]

A sick free jungle tune by Mineral. Some breakbeat choppage action.

Make sure you check out his EP on Lightless Digital too. Somehow we forgot to blog about it earlier. Oops.

IDJRFREE029: Mineral - The Focus by In Da Jungle Recording

Furi Anga August 2011 Promo mix (Mixed by Wispy)

Deep drum'n'bass from the Finnish atmospheric dnb maestro Furi Anga mixed together by DJ Wispy.

1. Down Where The Whispers Scream
2. Her Fingers Like Lotus Flowers
3. The Unquiet Universe
4. Underwater Maze
5. Creonize
6. Restless Flames
7. Poisonflowers
8. Blind Reality
9. The Night Falls (As We Part)
10. When Our World Jaded (Seba Remix)


Check out the previous Furi Anga mixes by Wispy here and here.

Rogue State - All Translation Recordings Mix for 88 DC

Translation Recordings has always had a special place in my record bag, all the way from their first release, Sounds Of The City by Resound, to Theory's sick amen smasher Dirty Tricks which was one of my favourite tracks from 2010.

Rogue State, the owner of the Washington DC based label has now recorded an all Translation mix for a local music blog 88 DC. The mix is mostly about their recent releases and some forhtcoming tunes, but there's some old releases thrown in as well. It's a mix of different styles in drum'n'bass, and so is the label's back catalogue.

1. Mindmapper – Orbital Orchestra – TRNSLCD001
2. DBR (UK) & Marginal – Floating Tribe – TRNSLCD001
3. Morphy & Flatliners – Evil Dub – forthcoming…
4. DBR (UK) – Troubled Soul – TRNSLDIGI010
5. Theory – Weirdos – TRNSLDIGI007
6. Resound – DSP – TRNSL005
7. Theory – Dirty Tricks – TRNSLDIGI007
8. Slider & Expose – Cosmic Sky – TRNSLDIGI003
9. D.Intelligent – Indigo Haze – TRNSLDIGI005
10. Furi Anga – When Our World Jaded (Seba Remix) – forthcoming…
11. LM1 – Positiva – TRNSLDIGI006
12. Slider & Expose – Hooked (Survival Remix) – forthcoming…
13. Nuage – Hazy Streets – forthcoming…
14. Perpetuum – Imagine – TRNSLDIGI004
15. DBR (UK), Flatliners & Alien Pimp – Narcotech – TRNSLDIGI006
16. ASC – Delta Shift – TRNSL004
17. Theory – Jungle Soul – TRNSLCD001
18. Slider & Expose – There is Hope – TRNSLCD001


And while waiting for the download to finish, check out the next Translation release, "Not Your Fool EP" which has some sick dubby tracks from Theory, Morphy & Flatliners, Mr Foul and The Untouchables.