January 2011

Science Helsinki Podcast #14 - Axu

Science Hki #14 - Axu

01 photek : into the 90s - metalheadz
02 seba : the lost key - 720 degrees
03 fracture & neptune : time trapped - free tune
04 fanu : shogun remix - free tune
05 instra:mental : hunter - soul:r
06 mr oizo : miaaaw - f communications
07 koala : dusty mustang (kfka remix) - dub
08 instra:mental : no future - nonplus
09 paranoid society : 681 morning krusts - mjazz
10 justice : aquisse (sinistarr remix) - mjazz
11 earth : lullaby (take 2 - how dry i am) - sub pop
12 skeptical : at most fear - ingredients
13 june miller : coming closer - free tune
14 skeptical : dream police - ingredients
15 aphonic : echoic memories - sublife
16 asc : no time like the present - free tune

Exit Records - "Mosaic Vol 1" + a free track from Skream

The release date of Exit Records' long await compilation "Mosaic Vol 1" is near and the guys at The Nest who are also hosting the album launch party are giving away a previously unreleased track from Skream.

Download "Firecall" from Soundcloud.

I'm personally very excited about this album and been waiting for couple of these tunes to come out for ages, so it's a buy on sight album for me. The two samplers are already out, and the album itself will be released on January 31st.

Science classics & favourites #2 - Fanu - Aurora

Greetings from dark and cold Helsinki.

This time I present to you the tune that brought the breakbeat/atmo talent of Fanu to my attention. I originally heard this song on a mixtape and as usually happens with outstanding music it grabbed my attention immediately and i had to find out what it was and what I found was this...


Massively beautiful tune released in 2004 with nice chopping of breakbeats just the way I like it.

Trisector - Scribbler Drum'n'bass Podcast Mix

It's been a while since I've recorded a studio mix, but here's a new one finally. DJ Scribbler asked me to make a mix for his podcast, so here's what I got on tape. Or well, hard drive these days i suppose.

It's obviously more energetic than the mixes I've done for our podcast and actually it's got plenty of tunes that i've been playing on my gigs recently as well alongside some brand new material from myself.

Hope you enjoy the mix. You can download the damn thing from Scribbler's website or the Soundcloud player below. And you can click "read more" for the full tracklist.

Scribbler: TRISECTOR [Med School] by Scribbler

Critical Sound of Drum & Bass

Critical Music starts the new year by releasing a digital compilation album called Critical Sound Of Drum & Bass. It features 19 tracks in total, 9 from their impressive back catalogue and 10 previously unreleased.

Here's a minimix to showcase what's on the album. The actual release date is January 10th.